Thursday, September 23, 2010


No,I am not discussing about Hypnosis, even if I wish to discuss I couldn't because I am not a Psychologist but a Computer Science student.But now why I am talking about all this non-sense stuff is,I came across the word Hypnosis while I am reading biography of Mr.Feyman.In which its narrated that Mr.F had been hypnotized..the incident goes like this...the light was lit,placed on his back but still couldn't know the pain and tells that the credit goes to hypnotist.No! really the credit goes to the Hypnosis.He tell us some more incidents and finally makes me believe in hypnosis(I do believe it.I watch a lot of movies).So I got a wonderful idea.Why don't doctors hypnotize their patients before doing something that causes a lot of pain.Mad Doctors!!!.Feeling so bad that I got this idea after discharging from hospital.Feeling so bad that I got this idea after 20days,else used to save my precious tears for some other awful day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My nights..

When I am saying about night,dont misunderstand that I am going to discuss something about Moon,stars or clouds..

When the clouds surround the roofs,
When the cheesy blue moon and
Many twinkling stars shine..
I love to go to bed at Nine...

I am  a very good girl that's why I go to bed by Nine(Thats far from truth,I thought that it rhymes for reason that's why I used the word nine) but I don't sleep at Nine.For mom I can climb the bed at Nine,but sleeping right the next movement ,I have to cross my fingers...I am helpless.I usually sleep around some One or Two(Dont misunderstand me as insomniac,coz I sleep till Nine or ten in the morning..)and thats a lot different story I will leave it for now.

But Now a days the movement I climb the bed,so many random thoughts are rushing into my mind and some of the them include what to post on the blog next day.I know its not a bad thing,but what makes me wonder is,
Why dont I have the same thoughts during the day ??
Thats really not a big deal..but here comes the thing that troubles me..what ever I ideas that popped up in my brain yesterday night just vanishes completely in morning....I am facing the same problem from past three nights..

So I thought of different reasons for that..It might be any one..I decided to examine..

1.Is it possible that I am suffering from MPD(Multi-Personality Disorder)??
But From Tell Me Your Dreams(Sidney sheldon's) I  came to know that alters are unaware of one another(In Most of the cases).But I have complete idea of whats going on,its jus I am unable to bring up that ideas..
So I can conclude I am not suffering from any disorders.

2.It might be of the same reason they show in that complain add that the sizzling sun oozes your energy..
But since I am on leave and sick right now,from one month onwards I am not stepping out my foot.
So this is not the reason..

3 Is it due to some Voodoo stuff??
Neah,I am modern girl.I think I dont believe in superstitious(Atleast,I love to say that..)

4.Do any one ever heard the fact that brain works faster at the night??
I hated my Science teacher and never concentrated her class so I dont have any idea about this so-called vital body parts.

If this is not the reason then I think the sole reason that fit to above criteria is my chat-pat-ka khana that I have in the evenings like golgappas,samosas, I think they are showing the effect in the night.
But who wants the effect in the night??
I want them to show the result in my examination hall..
Next time before hitting an exam,I will try out some junk foods and surely post you the result..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's you..

Its You..
Who Can See My Unshed Tears
Who knows the feign in my smile
Who makes me laugh irrepressibly
Who will lend me a shoulder to cry
And One Fine Day,
Its You,
Who finally disappears into mists
No matter
Where you are
How you are
I can and will wait for you
Till the last movement of my life
My life is lifeless without your presence
Its you whom I am asking to share my life from now to Eternity
Now and forever I will stay beside you and love you always
No matter what the society says or calls this relation
Im willing to be what you need and what you seek


Monday, September 20, 2010

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani...

Zee TV is going to air this show tonight.
But there is something special about this One, not as usual heroine's costume, hero's Square jaw and physique , chemistry between them or the set..but my sixth sense says me that I have some bonding with this serial(Not at all true, I think the story is based on TWILIGHT,so I simply Love it...)
But One might ask me how do you know its based on Twilight when its still not in air????????

The Promo: Doesnt matter If one copies the plot and reveal it in the serial...
But Copying the scene and showing it in the promo.......I think that's the worst idea one could ever get.....
Its the same scene heroine searches for hero and finds him in the opposite end and meanwhile she is gonna hit by a car,but in a split second hero saves her and she will be appalled to see him aside her.
How are we gonna watch your serial if everyone knows the plot beforehand(Not all,atleast some of the viewers esp students)
 But still I loved something sooooo much about the serial..its the quote "DARK LOVE STORY".
Some where its soo romantic...

I wanna have bonding with the serial(Needless to say I love to know have sixth sense also..After all,who doestn't)..but still I decided not to watch the serial.....coz Im sure the entire cast is not gonna do justice(I couldnt imagine anyone in Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Place) and more over I am sure only the basic line is gonna match and the rest of the story is gonna be exaggerated as usual.

Any have I hope they dont try to romanticize and hyperbolize this extraordinary love story...

P.S:I think there are lot of BUTS in this post..
Still I couldnt help myself..The flow is in that way..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

About Meeee......

Now I take a great pleasure in introducing myself.
Yesterday I got the idea of introducing myself in my blog but I didnt understand how to?(My teachers didnt teach me,its not my fault)
So I  conducted some personality tests and here are the results..
Before scribbling something on my blog I swore myself,not to write a word against me.

       I am not an egoist/egotist.Little bit of altruist(too little as a matter of fact).Some times acts as an Introvert and on different situations acts as extrovert(So I could declare myself ambivert!!).
I love to live ascetic life,but in this modern world I think that would be one of the most difficult thing(Who prefers boiled carrots when you have butter Chicken??So gave up the idea...)

      I am not the one who have green eyes,cute dimples and smoky eyes.My looks are jus above average and  am always glued to mirror,but I am not the one who goes to parlor five times a week..
I wake up early with twinkles in my eyes(Its really damn hard to wake up before 10 and takes a great effort) and like to enjoy each and every movement of my life.

     I love to snooze in a lounge chair in a powder-soft beech while the warm breezes take care of me.Yes I love beeches especially if I have a great company(How romantic na??).In the end of day when I am completely tired I listen to music,it turns me on.I really take a lot of care about my health &  food(even if I eat a lot of junk foodies).My favorite comes to biryany(esp Mom made)

........I rarely go to temples(Though Im a hindu I love to go churches and I always find Buddha's preaching interesting)

........I have a inner voice that answers almost all my questions.

........I am not the one who hits the knick-knack section and always be in mix-an-match attire

....... I always like to try my hand in different things and make it dirty as soon as possible.

........My mindset is like a wild-cat it always keeps on wandering across the globe and gets bored easily.I love reading novels,magazines(esp Femina, I like the Bejewelled brides and love their jewellary,sarees etc).

Finally, I conclude myself as..........

......Simple next-door kinda girl who never throws starry tantrums and I feel myself lucky to have landed in between such a beautiful people

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My diary

Actually I dont know whats blogging(I know its hard to believe,but I dont always lie).Just few days back some one in our college mentioned the word.To know what this word B.L.O.G means I jus checked out some,and few are really interesting.

Then I thought of creating my own blog and giving it the credit 'MY DIARY' so that I can evince my difficulties,frustration and happy movements.Which I can never  express to anyone,I don't think anyone can be that patient in this world...

But some how I found blogging useful(even without blogging I found this...Isn't it really impressive),here are the few:

1.Lack Of Interest : I don't have my personal dairy and even not interested to scribble in a diary when anyone is not watching you.

2.Ease while travelling:I dont need to carry the diary while I move to places.And I wont even have the pain when my mom sells it some newspaper valla.(After all,you cant keep them with you through out your life and guard them na!!)

3.Prying:This is the most serious problem of having a personal diary.I bet my life,no matter wherever I hide it my sister is gonna get her hand on my precious diary,read it from the beginning to ending and place it in the same place.

So,after these many advantages..I decided to start a blog and here I am finally.......