Saturday, April 14, 2012

You know what!!!!!

You know whattttt!!!!!!!!

                        Brushing the teeth sucks:( :( :(

                                            But you are not left with an option ;( ;( ;(

So SMILE after brushing :D :D :D

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

LIfe always takes a new shape..

Things that are happening in my life are so disconnected and strange, that I couldn't share them with anyone.Yeah!!!!Believe me, my friend is not going to give me a b'day gift, for which he is angry on me.Doesn't it sound weird??Come on, scream with me 'Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!'.Fucking life.I agree that I might have made a mistake by forcing him to cancel my b'day order coz it's too expensive.Why the hell on Earth, it became so difficult for me to explain that it's for his good.Okay, I agree,it might not be as worthy that we speak about good or bad, still.....I did it for him,for his sake,now I am paying for it.

My other friend, she is mad at me.Needless to say, she is mad half of her life time for one thing or the other.She yells at me saying 'You can't judge people, why the hell do you judge and give the opinion???'...*Fuck off*..(If you are under 18, please erase this word from your memory/stack or what ever).I had done a favour by searching a room-mate and how am I related if she leaves your room??Yeah, I am wrong in her case, judging 'she is good in nature & smart', so am I your case.
I am too tired of with some people around me, I want to post something that I knew about relations:

Relations are not the one you say, but the one you feel.
They are not an option, but an answer.
If you leave them once, no matter the reason behind it,
It portrays how important the relation is for you.

My b'day is coming in two days, now I had thousands of problems in my head, including my friend is serious & sad for not giving me a b'day gift.Hell with my life.

P.S: One good thing about today is 'Aarora', the name I had given to my Teddy. I got one of my b'day gifts today itself :D

Saturday, December 31, 2011

GoodBye 2011

I can't believe it's one year since I came to US, I was so busy pampering me, me and myself all the time. Yeah, life is wonderful this year.Hope it is going to be the  same way next year too.

Love You All!!
Remember, Life is precious as well as devine.
Lead it the way you want,
but make you sure you never regret your deeds.

P.S: I am waiting for some good news, wish me good luck.Hope I will soon post about it :)