Monday, May 30, 2011

An ordinary girl

I am unlucky,You know that...
But I am lucky,I know that...
I lost my life & came to know what life is....
I value it & want live it up to my expectations...
I may not be the same again,never mind....
I am ready to face ups and downs in the roller-coaster ride known as 'life',
I don't need  your help ,to heal my wounds...
Just leave me the way I am...
'Stop hurting me any more'.

Your truly,
An ordinary girl with extraordinary love for you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's not an ordinary day..

So the bad news is Tornado hit Missouri on May 24h,2011. Today it's our KC's turn , so I am bit tensed,nervous and excited.I was so busy reading MONK novel ,simultaneously chit-chatting with a friend completely ignorant about the siren indicating Tornado alert.Suddenly my door bell rang and I completely realized the situation is bit critical , all of us ran to the basement.I called to India, terrified them to hell.After some time when everything is fine, I went back and stared cooking broccoli-&-tomato, guess what??It's delicious :) .

Then I went to my friend's house and feasted on Chicken specials while watching the Kisna's movie.The plot of the movie is so simple or I don't want to exaggerate it, so I would come to point directly for those who didn't watch the movie.

Kisna had a childhood friend Cathy(foreigner) , who returns to their village after years.Lakshmi loves Kisna & wants to marry him.Both get engaged.In between you have some fights between Indians and British.People decide to kill Cathy, Kisna while rescuing her , realizes they share much more strong bond than friendship.But at the end he says that its his responsibility to go back to Lakshmi.At the end Lakshmi says that she realized (Late)Kisna never loved her , his love belongs to Cathy alone.Cathy too says the same.

Now I have few questions, please give me your opinions:
1.Don't you think it would have been better if he had spend the rest of his life with Cathy?
2.Guys do you really believe love happens only once??

Now let me tell you my opinions:
1.Cathy would have been better,Lakshmi would die in pain realizing Kisna had never loved her, jus stayed with her...which are as different as heaven and hell.
2.What happens once in our life, happens again.This universe is infinitely large & extends to infinity in both extremes.So have faith,every thing happens twice including love.
I heard this in 'Bones' show.Somehow, I could never agree to this.I bet any person on this earth could never  convince me,I am so stubborn right??

Hope the souls of people who lost their lives coz of Tornado may rest in peace.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


There's never a day in the past,that you didn't think of me,

I never knew I was lucky.

There's never a day in my present,that I didn't think of you,

I never knew I was cursed.

I never knew anything,

 Never realized how close we are,

Never fathomed how strong our bond is,

Never recognized how special you are,

But today I knew my life is doomed without you.

I also knew you deserve some one better than me.

Have a great life,
             My love.

P.S:I just penned whatever came into my mind,with few modifications.Hope you like it.

P.P.S : I am busy these days watching 'BONES'.I watch some 7-8 shows daily, that's how I am spending my holidays.Boring right??Still I love it:P

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freud's & Lucky's Philosophy..

According to Freud's psychology, Infatuation is only an attraction between male and female and it’s a state of being completely carried away by unreason passion, foolish examined feeling and unappreciated often completely unwarranted emotion .

According to Lucky's psychology, if you see a female who longs to be with a male but refuses to admit openly of what she feels. When she is afraid to show even the slightest sign of affection because of fear. Fear that her feelings may not be recognized, or even worst, returned. But he can recognize her feelings by seeing her conscious effort to be connected with him even if he hurts her slowly within. This is called Love.
*It works out the same way by interchanging genders.*
(Modified from Freud's Philosophy of human beings:))

My results are out.I got 3.9/4:)
I am chooooo happy and I am grateful to Lucky for helping me with my Client-Server Projects.Here's a small gift Lucky.

 I know you are not a great fan of chocolates, esp the dark ones.

 Ask Jeff to do pan cakes for you, then guide me how to do it:)

Girls like Chocolates & boys love Ice-creams, your saying or whatever.
But its funny.Lollll

 Vindhya, give him a treat.
Order Mocha-Frappuccino.

You hate cats and you love shoes.
But in life both comes as a package,so be ready to accept.

Aren't they cute.So lovely,helpful and generous.
Same as you are.

You like Ink-pens.But I like features,ink bottle,table-light.
The way they describe in books.
Why do love books by the way?

Okay,now I am giving you the best gift.
Let's be forever friends.So next time we have a fight, head for me and tail for you.Toss the coin & mail me if it's head,then I will talk to you first.If it's tail, you have to approach me first.