Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adios 2010

Hello my dear friends,
Today I feel blissed.I have been issued visa & I am going to fly abroad next week.There are so many things to be completed like shopping,packing & all the stuff.But here I am in Hyderabad,cursing the environment & licking my lips continuously(Shit!!bad habitt).And guys do you know something,I didn't inherit anything from my mom,neither the culinary skills nor the copying skills.Interesting huh??Let me explain the situation.

Me:Mom which dress suits me better for visa interview??

Mom: *thinking*

Me:Shell I try that Masakhali dress??

Mom:Try to look decent & don't you know the cotton dresses looks formal??

Me: Okay,i will stick to it

------------After one day---------------------

Mom:By the way which dress did R prefer??


Mom:Okay,then why don't you prefer that??Look at her,who told her...and you...and blah blah..

Me:*awestruck*  Mom it's you who told me to pick-up the cotton one.

Mom:How come I know about your dressing style??

Me:*Shut my mouth,coz even I prefer the Masakali*

Mom:Which color is her dress??


Mom:Okay then choose a green dress.

Me:I don't have a green Masakhali dress momm

Mom:You inform me everything in the last movement,now in 30min we have to catch a bus & leave the station.If you have told me yesterday,we would have done the shopping,even you would be the same green Masakhali dress,so you too might get the visa easily.

Me:*Rolling my eyes*

Cousin:*ROFL* This is too much.

......Mamaa,copy karne ke liye bhi ek hadh hai...

Guess this my last post this year..Goodbye 2010..You have given me a sack of memories,never mind whether they are good or bad,I treasure them in the bottom of my heart.Today I feel like I have grown-up capable of facing everything & sturdy,I have seen life from different dimensions from the past few months.Okay,I stop.

Advanced Christmas & New Year Wishes!!!!!!Rock On!!!!!

I raise a toast to good times & welcome year 2011.Wishing you eternal bliss and hope new year brings you a fresh start with a superb time ahead.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is Love??

What is Love?Is it voluntary enslavement or the freedom of existence.Being a voluntary slave gives us pleasure.But if our 'alter ego' spurn us,we will be left with pain.As far as I have tasted life,pain & pleasure never co-exist. Freedom - you love someone, but doesn't wish to posses him/her,you will be left grieving.There are no circumstances where grief & exemption co-exist.

Which way of destruction is better??
Surrendering ourselves at bay or Being a restless soul..

What is Love?Is it true & profound desire?Is it the desire that makes an ordinary human-being to move the earth & heaven for their loved one's?Is it the desire that is prohibited,unrestricted & uncontrollable?Is it the desire that fails us in repressing our feelings & self-control?Might be love is just a question that seeks answer.

What is Love?Love is something divine.But what is divinity??As all the holy books & gospels proclaim divinity is a form how man try to communicate with god.But no one knows the exact way to reach god.The same way no one knows the exact way to find love.Man is always in search of divinity & love,the path which is full of obstacles.
I have read some where "What the eyes don't see,the heart doesn't grieve over'.But there is an exception if we are in love,"What the eyes don't see,the heart does grieve over'. Love is something that makes our heart break & still you cannot point out or try to judge.You are helpless in love.Yes this is my definition for LOVE

P.S : The above post is written after reading PC's quotes...truly inspired by the way he describes Love and relationships...hope you guys to enjoy his novels...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Act against abuse

Established in 1991, the international 16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence Against Women campaign officially begins on November 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and ends on December 10 (World Human Rights Day), to highlight the connection between women, violence and human rights.

This 16-day period also includes other significant dates such as December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. In 1989, fourteen women were shot dead in the Montreal School of Engineering by a young man, who believed it was because of female students that he was not accepted into the engineering school. This brutal act triggered the creation of the White Ribbon Campaign – a global initiative by Canadian men.

Since its establishment, more than 1,700 organisations in 130 countries have participated in the 16 Days campaign.

The white ribbon, according to the department, symbolises the commitment of the wearer to "never commit or condone violence against women and children, and to speak out about violence where they see it."

  1. Violence against women and children is criminal.
  2. All forms of violence and abuse against women are unacceptable
  3. You are not alone, please ask for help.
In India if you are abused you can file petition under IPC 123,DVA(Domestic Violence Act) which comes under IPV(Intimate Partner Violence).
If the abuser is harassing you for Dowry you can file under 498A
There are several organization such as Women Cell and HRLN etc.. to help and uplift women in India.

P.S:If any of you are being abused,plz feel free to mail..I may not be the person in the same field,but as an Indian and Feminist ill  try my level best to give you the details of some persons who will surely help you.

Click the below link to check my friend/fellow-blogger's views on Domestic violence :

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Frenzy Friday..

Usually I love friday's,waiting for weekend.But today I am feeling agonized.Last two weeks have been so perfect,I received admit mail from every college I applied to.
*Did I mention I am planning to do MS??*
The reporting date is exactly one month away.I didn't receive the letters from the college I chose to go & the work is being piled up.I don't know how to stay calm.Even in my dreams I am ending up with these paper-work.So I woke up early morning,not understanding what to do or at least how to fall asleep.The empty chocolate case played it's role in making my mood much worst.There are innumerable juggling thoughts surrounding me & so many 'what if's' embracing me.

What if I don't receive my I20 in time??
What if the required visa dates ain't available??
What if the processing of documents aren't completed??
What if the college doesn't provide the late-approval letter??
What if the visa is rejected??
What if I don't have time to reapply the visa??

I have read some where that the most dangerous/sucking/irritating/annoying word in English is 'W',coz all the worries start with it.
What if?
*Guys stop searching for 'Women' or 'Wife'*
Its so true...Now,my story has become a sobbing story.Hope everything sets fine.Till then, me signing-off.
I need your wishes & blessing.So wish me 'All the best' buddies.