Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adios 2010

Hello my dear friends,
Today I feel blissed.I have been issued visa & I am going to fly abroad next week.There are so many things to be completed like shopping,packing & all the stuff.But here I am in Hyderabad,cursing the environment & licking my lips continuously(Shit!!bad habitt).And guys do you know something,I didn't inherit anything from my mom,neither the culinary skills nor the copying skills.Interesting huh??Let me explain the situation.

Me:Mom which dress suits me better for visa interview??

Mom: *thinking*

Me:Shell I try that Masakhali dress??

Mom:Try to look decent & don't you know the cotton dresses looks formal??

Me: Okay,i will stick to it

------------After one day---------------------

Mom:By the way which dress did R prefer??


Mom:Okay,then why don't you prefer that??Look at her,who told her...and you...and blah blah..

Me:*awestruck*  Mom it's you who told me to pick-up the cotton one.

Mom:How come I know about your dressing style??

Me:*Shut my mouth,coz even I prefer the Masakali*

Mom:Which color is her dress??


Mom:Okay then choose a green dress.

Me:I don't have a green Masakhali dress momm

Mom:You inform me everything in the last movement,now in 30min we have to catch a bus & leave the station.If you have told me yesterday,we would have done the shopping,even you would be the same green Masakhali dress,so you too might get the visa easily.

Me:*Rolling my eyes*

Cousin:*ROFL* This is too much.

......Mamaa,copy karne ke liye bhi ek hadh hai...

Guess this my last post this year..Goodbye 2010..You have given me a sack of memories,never mind whether they are good or bad,I treasure them in the bottom of my heart.Today I feel like I have grown-up capable of facing everything & sturdy,I have seen life from different dimensions from the past few months.Okay,I stop.

Advanced Christmas & New Year Wishes!!!!!!Rock On!!!!!

I raise a toast to good times & welcome year 2011.Wishing you eternal bliss and hope new year brings you a fresh start with a superb time ahead.


  1. wow......!! go go going abroad !! bt keep doing blogging ....

  2. OMG ! I am so so happy for you :) All the best , may you stay blessed and happy where ever you go :) A happy new year to you :)

  3. May all your wishes come true.
    Have a blessed Christmas and successful New Year.

  4. Congratulations for starting a new and most interesting phase of your life. You will do very good.

  5. Congratulations. And that was funny. hehe.
    And Happy New Year.
    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. HEy All the best for the new place .. and congrats on the visa wher you going ... if coming to uk give me a bell if you need anything ...

    guess you will have a nice christmas present and a new years gift coming aborad :)

    All the best


  7. @Vish:I will never quit blogging & Wish you hpy new year in advance..

    @Princess:Thank you Princess..May god bless you with a wonderful year awaiting with suprises..

    @Priyanka:Thank you

  8. @Dr:Thnk you..

    @A:I too hope the same:)

    @BA:Yeah..Hpy new year to you toooo..

  9. @Bikram:Hey it's not UK,even I wish so..
    Yeah this time I am celebrating abroad..waiting for it..

  10. A great way to start 2011 for you. All the best for your new journey :)

  11. hey congrats buddy!...
    and will miss u this year... Merry Christmas... and advance happy new year :)
    have GREAT life ahead

  12. Neeha, Nice to know about the career leap you will be taking. Good luck.

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year!! :)

  13. @Insignia:Yeah,Wish you hpy new year..

    @sm:Thank you

    @Deepika:Miss me..no way..i will keep blogging & i will keep checking your blog too..

    @Usha:Thank you,Happy new year..

  14. Neeha, Happy new year in advance!

    and keep blogging, wherever u go!


  15. good for you! congrats for you on your success!

  16. Green masakhali- i WANT!!
    Happy New Year ":D

  17. Oh Neeha thats a great news :) Happy New year for you... start anew :)


  18. @Restless:Wish you new year & glad you came back to this blogoshphere soon.

    @MD: Thank you

    @Jane: Even I never reject any Masakali,never mind which color:)

    @Tanvi:Happy new year..

  19. Congrats for your trip, and visa. Happy new year. May you meet a very fruitful year ahead.

  20. Let us not forget in this New Year that even if our expectations are not met with, what occurs in each of our lives would be nothing but what we interpret them to be, and remember, the best lessons would be hidden behind the veil of desperation.

  21. Heyy Neeha, Happy 2011 to u and a happy happy trip abroad as well. :) Have fun!!

  22. ask me bout mom-daughters unending convos on dresses...and I yell @ her at times saying that you can never help me..

    HAppy new yr;

    njoy your new life there

  23. Neeha, your visa is through?? HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! All the best for a new beginning in the new year.