Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is Love??

What is Love?Is it voluntary enslavement or the freedom of existence.Being a voluntary slave gives us pleasure.But if our 'alter ego' spurn us,we will be left with pain.As far as I have tasted life,pain & pleasure never co-exist. Freedom - you love someone, but doesn't wish to posses him/her,you will be left grieving.There are no circumstances where grief & exemption co-exist.

Which way of destruction is better??
Surrendering ourselves at bay or Being a restless soul..

What is Love?Is it true & profound desire?Is it the desire that makes an ordinary human-being to move the earth & heaven for their loved one's?Is it the desire that is prohibited,unrestricted & uncontrollable?Is it the desire that fails us in repressing our feelings & self-control?Might be love is just a question that seeks answer.

What is Love?Love is something divine.But what is divinity??As all the holy books & gospels proclaim divinity is a form how man try to communicate with god.But no one knows the exact way to reach god.The same way no one knows the exact way to find love.Man is always in search of divinity & love,the path which is full of obstacles.
I have read some where "What the eyes don't see,the heart doesn't grieve over'.But there is an exception if we are in love,"What the eyes don't see,the heart does grieve over'. Love is something that makes our heart break & still you cannot point out or try to judge.You are helpless in love.Yes this is my definition for LOVE

P.S : The above post is written after reading PC's quotes...truly inspired by the way he describes Love and relationships...hope you guys to enjoy his novels...


  1. hummmm you really true with your thought ...!
    bt wht i feel abt LOVE....its
    खुली हवा सा बहता था... कैसे मैं बंध गया हूँ ?
    मैं तो मुसाफिर था ... ये कहाँ ठहर गया हूँ ?....and still i feel the love ...believe in LOVE !

    Jai hO Mangalmay Ho

  2. Love is something that only the person who experiences it can understand : it varies in depth and intensity , and many revel in the grief it leaves behind because they got the chance to welcome love into their hearts and lives.... nice post.... ;)

  3. Hi Neeha, I think Love is like rain. We complain over the troubles it causes, but can you or me live without it?
    Lots of Love,

  4. love is not being enslaved.. its letting free..
    its a pain and bliss together... no one can speak abt it without having experienced it...

  5. ohh so true...loved these lines "Love is something that makes our heart break & still you cannot point out or try to judge.You are helpless in love"

  6. Voluntary enslavement, or unforced surrender?
    Choose death by ice or with fire?
    Grieve o'er what you might have had, or o'er what you have had?
    What is love, how different is it from being crazy? How many steps away from insanity?
    Helpless? true, but you would be helpless even if your body was on anesthesia.
    Live, love and feel it. It needs no words, just know that it exists and happens sometimes.

    Sorry for so many questions, am a little bowled over. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. @Vish:Nice poem..And even I still feel the love & thrust it..Dunno why..

    @Rek:As you said,if their love has the depth & intensity..Its difficult to free ourselves..Its like we are cuffed...

    @Anu:Need to agree with you girl..

  8. @Deepika:Its true dear..

    @Ordinary Gal: :)

    @BA:Voluntary enslavement or unforced surrender is the same...
    And choosing death by ice or fire,doesn't matter as both are best ways of destruction..
    And in love there is no term 'Grieving',yet we don't understand that..
    Might be love is a synonym for crazy & insanity..
    Loved your comment..Thanks 4 dat..

  9. ooooh a big question and i am the last person who shud be saying anything on this ... Sorrry

  10. Neeha,

    Very good post on different definitions of 'love'. Almost everyone I know has written something on love including myself. If you want to read my opinion, read my story 'My First Love.'

  11. i thought man is always in search of truth..

  12. Ineffable it is!!!

    Somewhere I read
    Letting 'love' to be
    That’s love to me! :)

  13. There are many things in this world that couldnot be expressed through words and i believe love is one such thing .You burned your hand and you frlt pain , but can you tell me what is this pain ? Can u give me a definition (yes you can ) of what exactly you felt??So is love . You can define it , but it is not just another 4 letter word ....
    I am least interested in philosophy , so let them argue whether love is divine or not and its sanctity and immortality.

  14. I don't believe much in love.But I love to see romance movies.
    Love is a myth.Often a boy sees a girl,and from the single look,decides he loves the girl.That is how it often starts.Age is the important factor and the physical attraction.It is simple infatuation to start with.
    Have you ever thought why it is called "falling in love".As if you are fall in to a pit or a trench.We don't fall in to friendship or marriage. We enter in to them.
    With the same ease with which you fall in to it,you can fall out of it as well.Haven't we seen enough of it?
    I had written once on " Love and lies".I had written never to believe whatever they say when they are in love.

  15. nice post
    love is something like the sweetness of sugar

  16. @Bikram: Haha,I read your post about love sometime back...

    @A:Surely I will check out sometime..

    @Generalist: Thanks 4 dropping by..
    Yes indeed man is always in search of truth..

  17. @saumya:Well defined.Thanks 4 dropping by..

    @sree:I know you believe in love..You need not tell me..I know your great story:)

    @Dr:FALL IN LOVE..Wat a great meaning..
    Yes you should never believ what they say in love

    @sm:At the same time it is as bitter as gall..

  18. I agree with your definition of love. Yes, it is a helpless feeling. Hurts like hell but also can bring relief to any grieving soul.

  19. Love need no interpretation nor conditions, it is an act of pure self expansion to embrace not just the near and dear ones, but also all those who we assumed have pained us throughout our lives. That is love, the rest is but the reflection of that truth called love.

  20. The profound question - What is Love? ... I do not think I know the answer. But I did enjoy reading your post!

  21. @Jyothi:Need to agree with you:)

    @cyclopseven:I love your writings,might be poems or comments..

    @Tanvii:Glad you liked it..Thnkz 4 dropping by..

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    mere blog par bhi kabhi aaiye waqt nikal kar..
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  23. Hi Neeha. I never considered gender as a barrier in human life. It is a possibility. But still it is a part of our identity too. I enjoy being what I am, and like every other creature who are my counter parts. Let me tell you, I am a male. You addressed me 'girl' in your comment. But no worries. I will take it as a credit, because I respect women and admire them for what they are. So it is an honour too, to be addressed as a girl. Thank you.