My Lil Dreams:)

1.Own a car .
2.Wanna have 10,000$ in my savings account.
3.Enjoy the moon light dinner.
4.Visit Hawaii & take beautiful pics..
5.Learn to dance in the ball room
6.Rock my grad-walk
7.Volunteer for social-activities.
8.Dance in the rain, near the beach..
9.Wanna have dozens of 'Banana Republic' formals.
10.Learn to live Independently[Jan 2011].
11.Invest in share markets & hit it.
12.Visit some of the most-sacred places in India..
13.Be capable of speaking any foreign language..
14.Learn to drive really rash..
15.Wanna have a walk entire night with friends as far as our feet can take us..
16.Get tattooed.
17.Be a Vegan..
18.Wanna have a deep sea drive with a couple of friends.(I never think this is possible:) )
19.Decorate a Christmas tree & enjoy the Christmas eve while its snowing.
20.Rock my 25th B'day:)