Friday, December 10, 2010

Act against abuse

Established in 1991, the international 16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence Against Women campaign officially begins on November 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and ends on December 10 (World Human Rights Day), to highlight the connection between women, violence and human rights.

This 16-day period also includes other significant dates such as December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. In 1989, fourteen women were shot dead in the Montreal School of Engineering by a young man, who believed it was because of female students that he was not accepted into the engineering school. This brutal act triggered the creation of the White Ribbon Campaign – a global initiative by Canadian men.

Since its establishment, more than 1,700 organisations in 130 countries have participated in the 16 Days campaign.

The white ribbon, according to the department, symbolises the commitment of the wearer to "never commit or condone violence against women and children, and to speak out about violence where they see it."

  1. Violence against women and children is criminal.
  2. All forms of violence and abuse against women are unacceptable
  3. You are not alone, please ask for help.
In India if you are abused you can file petition under IPC 123,DVA(Domestic Violence Act) which comes under IPV(Intimate Partner Violence).
If the abuser is harassing you for Dowry you can file under 498A
There are several organization such as Women Cell and HRLN etc.. to help and uplift women in India.

P.S:If any of you are being abused,plz feel free to mail..I may not be the person in the same field,but as an Indian and Feminist ill  try my level best to give you the details of some persons who will surely help you.

Click the below link to check my friend/fellow-blogger's views on Domestic violence :


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing Neeha.

  2. Neeha,

    I am proud of you. You need to connect to my wife. She is a strong feminist and work in this area.

    I wrote a post on this subject. Check it out. It is called 'Domestic Violence'. The link is posted on left frame of my blog.

    May be you can add that link to your post.

  3. @Anu:I feel its my responsibility,just to bring a little awareness.

    @A:Yep,your post gives some more info,that would surely be useful.Thanks for the idea.

  4. First time here and I really liked it.
    This was information to me.And I was surprised I hadn't heard about such an initiative till day.I had written on topics related to abuse of women and children on many occasions in my blog.
    Women of the poor working class need lot of support.And more, awareness of their rights, and also the rights to complain.
    The only ray of hope is that there are growing number of activists like you in the field. I was planning to write on Dr Sunita Krishnan after I listened to her talk on sexual abuse of women.

  5. Neeha,

    I will give your email address to my wife. Reading your other post, you are a young girl (relatively speaking). Girls like you impress my wife a lot.

    Also if I did not mention before, your blog template, style and content rock. Keep it up.

  6. @Dr.Antony:Hey glad to have you people around me.Yes many people not only from working class need the help,blogging is just one way to bring the awareness.I will surely go through your writings & hope you will publish the post soon.

    @A:I am highly impressed.I will be waiting for an email from your wife.I love connecting to Feminist,so she can share her knowledge with me.God bless her..

  7. Thanks for sharing.. I think abuse against anyonme is bad not just women or children..

    No one has the right to abuse a fellow human being ..

    I dont like the way it is portrayed violence against women , I know majority is against woman but then as you mentioned above the enginerring colelge guy thinking it was the girls.. the reason..

    Well this is the impression that i get sometimes and if i get this impression then m sure there are some INSANE people who get this impression and they do stupid things ...

    TO me any sort of violence irr-respective of Caste-age-creed-religion-sex is BAD and shud be stopped ...

    Good post Neeha

  8. yooooooooo superb work done!! nice blog also ...

    Jai HO Mangalmay ho

  9. @Choco:Hope your hand doesn't pain anymore,esp while typing comments for me:P

    @Bikram:'TO me any sort of violence irr-respective of Caste-age-creed-religion-sex is BAD and shud be stopped ... '
    Couldn't deny this statement..Remembers me the comment 'What happens if men are being abused??It happens,thrust me.'.
    Hope you remember wat I am speaking.

  10. @HONEY :Thank you

    @Vish:Thankz 4 d comment n follow-up:)

  11. Hi Neeha,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.... :-))

    This very blog post of yours is very informative...we all as a Individuals should understand. ..we must act in accord to eradicate all the evils present in society.. esp towards females.

    Take care
    keep smiling.

  12. thanks for comment on jayamala and custom article.
    i didnt answer your comment because i do not want to comment it in one line
    i thought i can write a full article on that or a comment which will make you think once .

    as i will answer your comment i will inform you also.
    I hope in future also you will give such comments.
    sorry for delay in comment.
    But this issue is regarding our India and god and i do not want to hurt anyone or religious sentiments.

  13. thanks for comment on jayamala article
    when i will reply to your comment i will again keep the message.
    hope to see more such comments always.
    reason not to answer quickly your comment is that this matter is delicate and is related with god and religion.
    i will try to write a full article on this or may answer in such a way that it will satisfy you.
    i am not upset but happy that you said it what you wanted to say
    after all our voice matters

  14. Nice template. :)
    Header pic : Beautiful. :)

    Thanks for sharing information.