Thursday, December 2, 2010

Frenzy Friday..

Usually I love friday's,waiting for weekend.But today I am feeling agonized.Last two weeks have been so perfect,I received admit mail from every college I applied to.
*Did I mention I am planning to do MS??*
The reporting date is exactly one month away.I didn't receive the letters from the college I chose to go & the work is being piled up.I don't know how to stay calm.Even in my dreams I am ending up with these paper-work.So I woke up early morning,not understanding what to do or at least how to fall asleep.The empty chocolate case played it's role in making my mood much worst.There are innumerable juggling thoughts surrounding me & so many 'what if's' embracing me.

What if I don't receive my I20 in time??
What if the required visa dates ain't available??
What if the processing of documents aren't completed??
What if the college doesn't provide the late-approval letter??
What if the visa is rejected??
What if I don't have time to reapply the visa??

I have read some where that the most dangerous/sucking/irritating/annoying word in English is 'W',coz all the worries start with it.
What if?
*Guys stop searching for 'Women' or 'Wife'*
Its so true...Now,my story has become a sobbing story.Hope everything sets fine.Till then, me signing-off.
I need your wishes & blessing.So wish me 'All the best' buddies.


  1. You will be fine.

    All the me when you arrive.

  2. Thank You:)
    I will surely inform you..

  3. Just take it easy, be calm and All will be Fine DONT panic.. we make mistakes when we panic.. So chilllaxxxxx and you will do great..

    best wishes All the best for everything .. and yeah keep us posted ..

    WHat No Women and WIFE hmmmmmm not fair :) he heh ehe


  4. Thanks for your support..

    And I am sure you will expect WIFE & WOMEN,that's why I didn't write dos:P

    Have a great weekend..

  5. All the very best Neeha. Hope it all works out for you. Looking forward to seeing a post from you about your journey from applying to the universities, interview process, visa application through to finally landing at the uni campus soon. Good luck.

  6. @sm:I just hope dat..

    @Always Happy:Thankz a lott:)

  7. I agree with Bikramjit, u just need to relax and work on things. I m sure u'll b fine.

  8. well there are numerous other words which start from a 'W' say, wonderful, wow, and many more. The more you let these 'W' into your mind, the more they will be ON your mind.

    Take Care, and best of luck with everything.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Hi Neeha! Glad to stop by. First of all, I love your template. It is a beautiful place - your blog.

    The worst fear is the fear of the unknown. Leave it all upto God Almighy and take it easy.

    I had to laugh out with Bikramjit's comment to your add on.

    Very funny.

    Glad to connect with you. Will be checking back older posts shortly.

    All the best with your endeavor.

  10. I have to say just one thing


  11. good luck...things have a way of sorting themselves out...and do blog about the vagaries of admission and visa process ....W for wishes, welcome, whiz, wonderland... ;)

  12. Hi Neeha. You do have a really nice blog! :)
    As for the reporting and admissions, GOOD LUCK. =D
    I'm pretty sure you'll breeze through it all. =]

  13. @NRI girl:Glad you liked my blog..

    @Ubaid:You got reply,huh?
    Glad to meet you:)

    @Rek:Thanks a loooooot:)

  14. @Dipin:Thanks for the follow-up and glad you liked the blog..

    @A:I will know it only after 21st & sure ill update the status..

  15. W is for Wonderful and anyway people who ask questions to themselves are the intellects in real sense if you think about it!

    Take care, and all the best with your admissions :)

    PS - Am I here for the first time?

  16. Blessings Neeha. I am new to your blog too, but for sure I will make it a habit.

  17. I mostly love Fridays too only NOT when they have such starts as you expressed it here !One thing for sure , all the whats and ifs are always irritating and annoying and can really piss off your mood *sighs* . Been there done that ! Many wishes for you :)
    P.S. Nice blog :)

  18. Hi
    Just be cool and relax.The world is going to stay.Only people change.Our desires and attitudes change.
    Keep an open mind wherever you go.Do not take any one or anything for granted.Stick on to your values.
    Have exciting days ahead.

  19. @Anu: Thank you..Hope to see you soon..

    @Princess: Ya I guess you understand my situation,only who have been in the shoes knows the prob:)
    And thnz 4 d wishes..

    @Antony:Yes,Stick for values and have the passion,the flame keeps on burning..

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