Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My nights..

When I am saying about night,dont misunderstand that I am going to discuss something about Moon,stars or clouds..

When the clouds surround the roofs,
When the cheesy blue moon and
Many twinkling stars shine..
I love to go to bed at Nine...

I am  a very good girl that's why I go to bed by Nine(Thats far from truth,I thought that it rhymes for reason that's why I used the word nine) but I don't sleep at Nine.For mom I can climb the bed at Nine,but sleeping right the next movement ,I have to cross my fingers...I am helpless.I usually sleep around some One or Two(Dont misunderstand me as insomniac,coz I sleep till Nine or ten in the morning..)and thats a lot different story I will leave it for now.

But Now a days the movement I climb the bed,so many random thoughts are rushing into my mind and some of the them include what to post on the blog next day.I know its not a bad thing,but what makes me wonder is,
Why dont I have the same thoughts during the day ??
Thats really not a big deal..but here comes the thing that troubles me..what ever I ideas that popped up in my brain yesterday night just vanishes completely in morning....I am facing the same problem from past three nights..

So I thought of different reasons for that..It might be any one..I decided to examine..

1.Is it possible that I am suffering from MPD(Multi-Personality Disorder)??
But From Tell Me Your Dreams(Sidney sheldon's) I  came to know that alters are unaware of one another(In Most of the cases).But I have complete idea of whats going on,its jus I am unable to bring up that ideas..
So I can conclude I am not suffering from any disorders.

2.It might be of the same reason they show in that complain add that the sizzling sun oozes your energy..
But since I am on leave and sick right now,from one month onwards I am not stepping out my foot.
So this is not the reason..

3 Is it due to some Voodoo stuff??
Neah,I am modern girl.I think I dont believe in superstitious(Atleast,I love to say that..)

4.Do any one ever heard the fact that brain works faster at the night??
I hated my Science teacher and never concentrated her class so I dont have any idea about this so-called vital body parts.

If this is not the reason then I think the sole reason that fit to above criteria is my chat-pat-ka khana that I have in the evenings like golgappas,samosas, I think they are showing the effect in the night.
But who wants the effect in the night??
I want them to show the result in my examination hall..
Next time before hitting an exam,I will try out some junk foods and surely post you the result..

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