Thursday, September 16, 2010

About Meeee......

Now I take a great pleasure in introducing myself.
Yesterday I got the idea of introducing myself in my blog but I didnt understand how to?(My teachers didnt teach me,its not my fault)
So I  conducted some personality tests and here are the results..
Before scribbling something on my blog I swore myself,not to write a word against me.

       I am not an egoist/egotist.Little bit of altruist(too little as a matter of fact).Some times acts as an Introvert and on different situations acts as extrovert(So I could declare myself ambivert!!).
I love to live ascetic life,but in this modern world I think that would be one of the most difficult thing(Who prefers boiled carrots when you have butter Chicken??So gave up the idea...)

      I am not the one who have green eyes,cute dimples and smoky eyes.My looks are jus above average and  am always glued to mirror,but I am not the one who goes to parlor five times a week..
I wake up early with twinkles in my eyes(Its really damn hard to wake up before 10 and takes a great effort) and like to enjoy each and every movement of my life.

     I love to snooze in a lounge chair in a powder-soft beech while the warm breezes take care of me.Yes I love beeches especially if I have a great company(How romantic na??).In the end of day when I am completely tired I listen to music,it turns me on.I really take a lot of care about my health &  food(even if I eat a lot of junk foodies).My favorite comes to biryany(esp Mom made)

........I rarely go to temples(Though Im a hindu I love to go churches and I always find Buddha's preaching interesting)

........I have a inner voice that answers almost all my questions.

........I am not the one who hits the knick-knack section and always be in mix-an-match attire

....... I always like to try my hand in different things and make it dirty as soon as possible.

........My mindset is like a wild-cat it always keeps on wandering across the globe and gets bored easily.I love reading novels,magazines(esp Femina, I like the Bejewelled brides and love their jewellary,sarees etc).

Finally, I conclude myself as..........

......Simple next-door kinda girl who never throws starry tantrums and I feel myself lucky to have landed in between such a beautiful people

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  1. "I didnt understand how to?(My teachers didnt teach me,its not my fault" This sentence of yours made me laugh. Liked your intro, humourous and different from others.
    Keep it up!