Thursday, September 23, 2010


No,I am not discussing about Hypnosis, even if I wish to discuss I couldn't because I am not a Psychologist but a Computer Science student.But now why I am talking about all this non-sense stuff is,I came across the word Hypnosis while I am reading biography of Mr.Feyman.In which its narrated that Mr.F had been hypnotized..the incident goes like this...the light was lit,placed on his back but still couldn't know the pain and tells that the credit goes to hypnotist.No! really the credit goes to the Hypnosis.He tell us some more incidents and finally makes me believe in hypnosis(I do believe it.I watch a lot of movies).So I got a wonderful idea.Why don't doctors hypnotize their patients before doing something that causes a lot of pain.Mad Doctors!!!.Feeling so bad that I got this idea after discharging from hospital.Feeling so bad that I got this idea after 20days,else used to save my precious tears for some other awful day.

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