Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My diary

Actually I dont know whats blogging(I know its hard to believe,but I dont always lie).Just few days back some one in our college mentioned the word.To know what this word B.L.O.G means I jus checked out some,and few are really interesting.

Then I thought of creating my own blog and giving it the credit 'MY DIARY' so that I can evince my difficulties,frustration and happy movements.Which I can never  express to anyone,I don't think anyone can be that patient in this world...

But some how I found blogging useful(even without blogging I found this...Isn't it really impressive),here are the few:

1.Lack Of Interest : I don't have my personal dairy and even not interested to scribble in a diary when anyone is not watching you.

2.Ease while travelling:I dont need to carry the diary while I move to places.And I wont even have the pain when my mom sells it some newspaper valla.(After all,you cant keep them with you through out your life and guard them na!!)

3.Prying:This is the most serious problem of having a personal diary.I bet my life,no matter wherever I hide it my sister is gonna get her hand on my precious diary,read it from the beginning to ending and place it in the same place.

So,after these many advantages..I decided to start a blog and here I am finally.......


  1. Its really a wonderful job..,

    "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

  2. Ooooooo........Ramyaaaaa.........
    U rock.....