Monday, September 20, 2010

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani...

Zee TV is going to air this show tonight.
But there is something special about this One, not as usual heroine's costume, hero's Square jaw and physique , chemistry between them or the set..but my sixth sense says me that I have some bonding with this serial(Not at all true, I think the story is based on TWILIGHT,so I simply Love it...)
But One might ask me how do you know its based on Twilight when its still not in air????????

The Promo: Doesnt matter If one copies the plot and reveal it in the serial...
But Copying the scene and showing it in the promo.......I think that's the worst idea one could ever get.....
Its the same scene heroine searches for hero and finds him in the opposite end and meanwhile she is gonna hit by a car,but in a split second hero saves her and she will be appalled to see him aside her.
How are we gonna watch your serial if everyone knows the plot beforehand(Not all,atleast some of the viewers esp students)
 But still I loved something sooooo much about the serial..its the quote "DARK LOVE STORY".
Some where its soo romantic...

I wanna have bonding with the serial(Needless to say I love to know have sixth sense also..After all,who doestn't)..but still I decided not to watch the serial.....coz Im sure the entire cast is not gonna do justice(I couldnt imagine anyone in Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Place) and more over I am sure only the basic line is gonna match and the rest of the story is gonna be exaggerated as usual.

Any have I hope they dont try to romanticize and hyperbolize this extraordinary love story...

P.S:I think there are lot of BUTS in this post..
Still I couldnt help myself..The flow is in that way..

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