Saturday, January 29, 2011

This week rocks

This week had been so pleasant full.
I am happy now,not that it's a week-end(any have weekends doesn't matter 4 students here,which is quite opposite in India).
I have learned so many things in this month,so now I am going to share these with you & give you some 'ghyaan'.
  • Never mind what problems you have,jus wish the persons surrounding you with a warm smile.
  • Life is percious, don't worry for sappy things.
  • I am learning how to be patient & self-organize things with out complaining(much),so you to give a try.Trust me,you feel like you achieved one of the world's greatest things.
  • Never take any one/any thing for granted,you will know the value once you loose them.
  • Never judge a book by the author.Seriously,I love Dan Brown but his 'The lost symbol' as well as Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host' sucks.
  • This is your life,live the way you love too.Don't let others to make fuss about it.Jus ask them to 'SHUT-UP'.
  • Never set rules & regulations,you loose respect for yourself if don't follow them.
  • Don't be busy in mundane life,enjoy it.Go get enrolled in gym or salsa class.Sports too rock.
  • Try to be good with others,if they don't co-operate, ask them to go for a hike.It's not your head-ache.
  • Last but not the least, watch 'guzaarish' movie.It lifts your spirits.
P.S:I love Americans,for some reason.The first & foremost reason is, they canceled my AT & T bill when I informed I am an international student & it's just a mistake.Isn't it Great??The movement AT & T customer care valla called me to inform this,I thought to scream 'Muwaah!!I love you':)
I am grateful I had a brother,else I couldn't decide how to handle this.

P.P.S:Thanks 'A' for the mail,I had done what you advised me.It worked.Thanks a lot:)


  1. Good to see you happy and note that your problem got solved.:)

    Enjoy the weekend.:)

  2. Wow Neeha you have become a philosopher now. Awesome.

  3. It is great to know that you're happy :) Stay blessed !

  4. so u solved ur $1000 problem? tats cool... :D

  5. Happy! Today is great day.. Everyone's happy :)
    congrats that US government knows the 'value' of international students :) hehe.. And good points stated above.. Hmmm.. Must follow. But ain't it that the lessons learnt by self experiences better ;)

  6. Great Neeha,

    So you are getting better as time progressing :)


    take care

  7. Haha.. U love americans ;) glad u don't have to become an insomniac over the biggggg bill.

    p.s: All the gyaan :) well u r growing up young lady!

  8. hugzzzzzzzzz

    thanks for spreading smiles...just what i needed! :)

  9. hahaha good for you that the bill was waived off.

    I like Dan Brown. The Lost Symbol was different, I liked it too. But then, its my opinion, as you have yours. :P

    Have fun, and its good to know that you are starting to like America.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. jus read ur 'must read buks' list

    everythin is fine except stranger in the mirror.. u liked tat book?? :O sucked for me... khe khe khe.. ;)

  11. So,you have settled down.Now,enjoy the stay.
    Everyone has more or less the same opinion about Americans.That they are courteous,and helpful.Don't know whether they are actually that good.

  12. GYAAN was nice ....

    I have an award for u sweety

  13. Getting a problem solved that too in foreign land is always a treat. congrats :-D

  14. Good to know you are happy....enjoy yourself...

  15. yayyyyyyyyyyyy on the BILL :) phewwwwwwwwwwwwww

    and points Wel llearnt ... a good person is one who learns and you indeed are learning new things every day so kudos to you .. :) take care and be happyyyyyyyyyyyy


  16. Never mind what problems you have,jus wish the persons surrounding you with a warm smile. - really nice! I love it:)

  17. Hope you had a great weekend and your ATT issue got resolved...dunno where you are in the US but brace yourself for BIG snow storm if you are in its path for tomorrow

  18. Nice post!
    Never set rules & regulations,you lose respect for yourself if you don't follow them! I so agree!!

  19. nice list...
    best thing to be believing in living for the moment..think the world is going to end.. the current problem u r facing..would seem like the least thing u shld worry about..

  20. i remember commenting on this post. i swear i did.

    -nice peppy li'l gyaans. it feels good to see positivity spread around. :)

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