Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have never seen a 1000$ note & seriously never thought about.But unfortunately today that's the only thing that's popping out of my mind.Noo!!I didn't get my first pay-check or something of that sort.Today I got a call from my bro & informed me that last month's phone bill is a super-duper hit,your friend called directly to India,she might not have used calling card.When I checked the bill payment,I was awestruck to know that it's my mom's new number.I had done a research to know why this happened.Later came to know that this is the only number(partially true) which isn't assigned another 'a-direct-call-number'.Now let me explain this complicated situation,since we use the great free  'AT & T' network(& we have a family plan,)most of the numbers that bro assigned a direct numbers(So he don't need to repeat the tedious process by calling 'Rebtel'-calling card then typing 91+Phone no.)are common to both of us.So he just gave me the numbers.Story is fine till here.But when I called to any other numbers by using calling card,it charged me a fortune.Since most of the calls ended-up with my mom's new number,I am not on that edge of the cliff.

God who knows about the next months bill,from the past two days I didn't sleep and busy with international call so I am sure the bill will go beyond the reach.I don't know whom to yell at,that rebtel company for not giving a proper connection,or myself for dialing 011+91+no. when my bro asked to dial only last two-parts.Nooo!!It's not my mistake, when I dialed 91+no., it told that there's an error in connection.So I used 'my revolutionary mind at work' and attached a front part.So there must be some error some where.Kher chod dho!!All I want is,not to pay the bill,but not to discuss about 'whose fault is this'.So please god bless me,so that something might happen and I don't need to pay this 1000$ bill.So that with the same amount I can enroll in 'Guitar class' and complete it successfully(With the change left I can even have lays my entire semester).

God I even need a part time badly,especially after I joined 'save the mobile companies' program.This is my online request,please take it into consideration ASAP.(No puns intended!!)


  1. hmmm We have all done that , I did it too and got a whopping 89pounds bill for a single call cause by mistake i dialled a india number direct and it was like a 1.+ soemthing per minute..

    all the best for the bill .. it might pinch this time .. nothing you can do otherthan making sure not to do it next time


  2. Hmm. Seems like a big problem. Again, my prayers are with you dear Neeha. See, my understanding about the technicalness of the telephone business is very poor. So for most of the part, I don't keep a very good company with cell phone calls, even in local numbers, you know.

  3. $1000 phone bill...are you kidding? That is ridiculous.

    I use Vonage at home - free unlimited calls to India and don't have to worry about short codes. I suggest you do the same.

  4. Call At&T and talk to a manager...they will help you out with a middle ground and ask you to pay an amount if you were subscribed to their international plan. try it.

  5. @Bikram : There's no way that it happens again..This is a great lesson that I can never forget.

    @ANU : Me too,that's what the problem is.

    @A: It's a family plan yaar,so I am not left with an option..Whatever my bro prefer I have to take the same..

    @BA:Thank you

    @Ceedy : Thanks for your visit & for your advice.I am glad I came to know that.

  6. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice post!

    Jai Ho Mangalmay Ho

  7. Hi Neeha,

    1000$ figure looks quit nice to eyes , but when it go other way from our side hmm then our face and eyes both emote.

    Well , what has happened it can't be reversed so ..just sit back relax n chill with a cup of coffee and some snacks.
    There are lots of other mediums now available ..Google Voice , Skype and Nimbuzz which are very cheaper and their voice clarity is very nice too.

    Do try these next time ATB :)

    take care
    keep smiling... :))

  8. sorry to know about this.
    If possible try to use SKYPE or yahoo calling its easy and free.
    Skype offers phone service which is good and cheap.

  9. all i wud say is, dat dis post mite seem to be funny but m not at all smilin....$1k fr nothin is bad..very bad..

  10. Yes think of all the resources that have been stated above. Hope this doesnt happen again. All the best dear. :)

  11. well. it happens the first time i guess....have your bro change to a better plan...take care

  12. well, all i can say is " its a lesson for every body dropping here"..... nice way ... you pay and all of us taking lesson from this...... cant be done anything now

  13. 1000$ bill that is too much. I hope this never happens again

  14. Phone bills are avoidable waste. I had an argument at home about the bill and cut the ISD.But why don't you use a calling programme? I use it and it is almost free !

  15. 1000$ bill is a real nightmare,that i can understand! Start skyping!