Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My first award:)

I had received a Stylish Blogger Award.This is the first award I received:)

There are four duties to perform you have to perform after you have received this award. 

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award .
 Thank You & Love you Duchess for the award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself:
  • I prefer my room to be scattered with books,blankets,jeans & all girly stuff.I love to be perfectly imperfect.
  • I don't like my name.That's why I feel lil-bit jealous when I find a girl with a 'gorgeous name'.
  • I am afraid of the dark.I never slept & will never sleep alone in my room(I carry god's idol/pic with me,if I need to go to kitchen when I am hungry in the mid-night).
  • I like to hang-out with my friends,at the same time I need my time for myself.
  • I am complicated & choosy.That's why I end up with few friends.
  • I love NV & no matter how hard I try to become a vegetarian, that's impossible for me.
  • I am addicted to serials,it's like a drug in my past.I used to love the negative roles(the one who was innocent but dumped & then will re-appear in a gray shade to take the revenge),dunno why? 

3. Award 15 RECENTLY discovered great bloggers:


Scribbling Girl






Ice Maiden


4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!
             Yep,I will do that.


  1. girl!!! are you my soul sister or what???? you are the 2nd person i have come across who with her head held high says that she is perfectly inperfect. the 1st being me. i even have written a long post on it but i never posted it on blog coz i hardly blog. i may put it if i am able to drag myself out of my laziness. but i am so happy to fnd one inperfect soul. ye ye ye ye :D

    I like ur name. its different. i was thinking to ask u d meaning of ur name. initialy i dint use to like my name too. but now iam kinda ok with it. my bf says it's nothing other than "dil ko bahalana" :p

    I am complicated & choosy.That's why I end up with few friends.
    I love NV & no matter how hard I try to become a vegetarian, that's impossible for me.
    ..............ditto for me :)

    thanks for the award Neeha. it's indeed an honour. :)

    and o ya did i tell you CONGRATULATIONS for ur 1st award?? watch out it's just d beginning. way to go :)

    i knw .. i have a habit of writting long comments. hope u dont mind :D

  2. i think you missed my name in that list..... never mind mistake does happen...ha haaaa
    Best Wishes....

  3. Oh my! Few are surprising. I rarely come across girls who like meat :)

    Name - aah why is it we dont like our name. Others' name always sounds better isnt it? :)

    You like gray shaded roles...hmmm....

    And yeah thanks a lot for the award.

  4. COngrats on the award ... :) an some interesting facts


  5. awwh....sho sweet of u.

    thnks alot neeha...
    i love ur footprints on my blog always....its a promise to b here more..

  6. Thank you Neeha. This is the first time I received stylish blogger award. Thank you so much.

  7. Thanks so much Neeha, and I like your name! It's different!

    PS - I am a vegetarian and I stay away from those creepy serials, as much as possible! :p

    And thank you so much for that award. happily surprised! :)

  8. Thank you, thank you very much... I am honored :)

  9. Oh. I am so angry with you. You did not name me :))))

    Really loved your line "love to perfectly imperfect"

  10. Congrats Neeha for the award!

    and Neeha is a nice name dear :)



  11. @Preetilata: Guess you got the reply,sweetheart:)

    @Irfan : :)

    @Insignia : Yeah gray shades attract me,guess that's not that bad:)

    @Bikram: Thank You bikram

  12. @Enchantress : Thanks dear.

    @Salman: Welcome yaar.

    @ANU , @ Sourav: You deserve it.

  13. @BA: :)

    @A: Undoubtedly,there used to me ur name.If I had met u recently.But fortunately you the one in few person whom I met early in this blogosphere.
    Glad I met you early:)

    @Restless: Thanks dear.

  14. @Neeha,

    I was just kidding. You know me.

    But on a serious note, you write very good and the template and style is awesome. And I mean it when I say you write good - I really like the lines like following

    1. 'love to be perfectly imperfect'
    2. "addicted to serials,it's like a drug in my past"

  15. @A : I knew that yaar.

    I gave justification,jus for self-satisfaction.

    I am glad,you like my writing.

  16. Neeehhhaaa :D Thanks alot, this is the 1st award I got :) I am happy to see it. Now tell me how I can set it on my blog :P Craving for it :) xx

  17. Congrats Neeha...this is really a nice and sweet name. God bless.

  18. Thank you so much for the award :)

  19. Interesting answers and facts about you :)
    Congrats for the award.

  20. Amazing blog...there is no doubt in winning this award,keep blogging and innovative.