Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day # 14; Day # 15;Day #16;Day# 17

Day # 14: A picture that shows something special about you.

I love Mehendi designs.I tried it on my hand,it turned out okay-okay.

Day 15 - Put your iPod on shuffle : First 5 songs that play?

I still don't have an iPod , thinking of buying an iPod touch or iPhone for thanks-giving deals.
But if you ask  me which songs I prefer right now,the list will be
1.Bol Hadippa
2. Iktara - Wake up Sid
4.Linkin Park - Numb
5.Gori Teri Aankhen kahe

Day # 16 - Current relationship,discuss about it.


Day# 17 :

Someone you would want to switch your lives with for one day and why?

None coz I came to know that we will find happiness in our lives only if we have 'problems' and it's impossible to find anyone in the world without problems.

P.S: This project is really sucks!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day # 11; Day # 12; Day 13

Day # 11:

Your zodiac sign and do you think it matches you?

Zodiac sign : Capricorn
Planet : Saturn

Strengthen keywords :
  • responsible
  • patient
  • ambitious
  • resourceful
  • loyal
Weakness keywords
  • dictorial
  • inhibited
  • conceited
  • distrusting
  • unimaginative
Capricorns in Nutshell : 
You can find these qualities in myself :)
  • Capricorns are very ambitious people, they always have something they are pursuing and they want their lives to be fulfilled and important.
  • They tend to be in control in a romantic relationship that way they are never vulnerable to another person.
  • They evaluate everything and they don't take daring chances without weighing the advantages and disadvantages first.
  • Capricorns make it difficult to get close emotionally because once they let someone in, they do not want to let them go and emotional connection makes them feel vulnerable yet satisfied at the same time. This is an ongoing internal conflict of contradictions inside the Capricorn's mind.
  • Capricorns are very cautious but this only to survey the situation before leaping in, they will never make a hasty jump in:( 

Day # 12

Your favorite season and why?

I love 'SPRING' and the beautiful flowers & shades of them.

Day # 13

Your views on drugs,alcohol and religion.

All are the same.
Easiest form of 'suicide'.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day # 08 ; Day # 09 ; Day # 10

Day # 08

Short term goals and why?
  • Sharpen my programming skills.
  • Should try to bake a cake(Do they rhyme? :D).
  • Need to find part time ASAP.
  • Visit Phili by the end of this month.
  • Try to reduce the amount of time I spend on 'Skype'.
  • Reduce the number of movies I watch daily:(
  • Should shed around 2-3kgs.
  • Don't try to use AT & T free minutes as much as possible.They are not going to be dumped by your usage.So stop taking the advantage.
  • Try to become a vegan, no semi-vegan sounds good right?
  • Hit a parlor for a hair cut.
  • Don't wake up till 10 A.M, I hate the beds under my eyes.
  • Fall asleep by 11P.M.
  • Do good in speak test & get a TA position.
  • Finish 30 day challenge so that these memories help you to warm up.
    Day # 09

    Something you are proud of in the post.

    Learning to live.

    Day # 10

    Songs you listen when you are Sad,Happy,Moody etc.

    I play songs all the time, irrespective of my mood.It's not that they influence me, but I forget my pains trying to feel the song:P . Here is the list and I am sure I am gonna miss a lot of them.

    English :
    Sexy Naughty Bitch - Tata Young
    Grace- Kate Havnevik
    La Isla Bonita - Alizee
    Rescue me - Rihanna
    Here without you - 3 Doors Down
    Far away - Nickelback
    Open your eyes - Snowpatrol
    Listen to your heart - DHT
    You and me - Lifehouse
    Wherever you will go - The Calling
    If you are not the one - Daniel Bendingfield
    When you are gone - Avril Lavingue
    Everynight in my dreams - Titanic

    Hindi : 
    Zindagi mein koi kabhi - Musafir
    Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya - PTKK
    Mujh ko kudha ne - PTKK
    Kehna hai kya - Bombay
    Suna Suna Lamha L - Krishna Cottage
    Woh Lamhe - Zeher
    All Songs - Gangster
    Bin Tere Kya- Woh Lamhe
    Silsila Yeh Chahath ka - Devdas

    Serials Title Song :)
    Tere Liye
    Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai
    Kkasam Se
    Dil Mil Gaye
    Amber Dhara
    Pavitra Rishta
    Kitna Mohobatt Hai
    Kish Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil
    I will keep on uploading this list as I keep watching new ones.....

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    Day # 05 ; Day # 06 ; Day # 07

    Day # 05 :

    A picture of somewhere you have been to

    This pic is taken by me during our north trip.I would do anything to go back there & visit some must-see places which we missed do to our so called perfect schedule.The most worst part is we went to Agra  & missed Taj Mahal, we went to Dwaraka & missed Lord Krishna's temple.Believe me there isn't a person who didn't ROFL when we said about our trip.The best part is all of us are of same age, so we rocked ; music & dances all the time:).


    That trip made me visit Delhi for the first time in my life.I couldn't forget how one girl , much younger than me bargained & how I used to pray to god that she should appear before billing the dresses. The weather Simla had was awfully cold & for a split second I thought it would be better to kill myself than spending one more night there.Idiosyncrasy. I always remember those days, that made me forget who I am.

    Day # 06

    Favorite Superhero and why??

    I love fantasy movies. If I am asked a superhero I would mention 'Harry Potter'. All my childhood I spent waiting for the next sequel of Harry Potter. The things that makes Harry so special is not only his special gifts, but his scar, his value for his friends ,his skills and so on.I wish I had such a wand, so with swish all my problems would vanish away.

    Day # 07

    A picture of some thing that has biggest impact on you.

    I don't know why but this picture had been on my desktop for ages.
    Whenever I feel upset,I feel better looking at her.
    This might be due to her innocent eyes & radiating smile.
    How little does she know that fate has something else in her store.

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Day # 03 & Day # 04

    Three thing which you like the most.

    Hello I am Neeha.*shaking hands*.Glad to meet you.Now let me introduce myself, I am the girl who loves to eat golgappa's for the breakfast,lunch,snacks & dinner.Yes, I can survive on golgappas my entire life. But I am not that fortune coz my momma never lets me eat them. Still I sneakily used to have them at least four times a week.

    This is my all time favorite combination :

    2.Dancing :
    I am surely one of the world's worst dancer, but still I love to dance or atleast love to watch performances. I regret for not learning dance in my childhood, never mind I encourage my girl(noo..indeed i will push her for dancing classes).
    Hey don't forget to watch Isha Sharvani's performance, she is one of the reason why I love dance.


    3.Shopping,Shopping & Shopping... :
    I am shop-alcoholic.I love shopping esp when there are clearance,deals & sales.The only thing I hate to shop for is 'perfumes', I shopped once for the perfume with my sister. I felt suffocated, perfume+perfume+perfume+ coffee beans+perfume+perfume+perfume+beans+ P + P + P + P + B + P + P...
    and you know the process went for around one hour. So then I decided not to shop for perfumes.I mean never with a company(that too who wants to present it to her boyfriend) in my lifetime.
    Here are some of the things which I love shopping :)

    Day # 04 :

    A habit that you wish you didn't have:

    Emmmmmmm, I am damn persistent & stubborn. In addition, I am good at giving explanation in such a way that makes the other person think about 'Zandu Balm'. Almost any person who is close to me pin-pointed this to me.
    Explanation sucks, I can never predict what the other person is thinking about me. So I try convincing them until I am able to read a 'shut-up' symbol on the other person. You know it becomes difficult while it's a telephonic conversation, you know I can't read their minds I can read their faces only :P

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Day # 02

    The meaning behind your blog name.

    Just now I changed my blog  name from 'It's my life' to 'SANDS OF TIME',I am confused what should be the new one 'Sands of time' or 'Persistent Moi'.Finally I decided 'SANDS OF TIME'. From googling I came to know that 'The sands of time is an idiom meaning that time runs out either through something reaching an end or through a person's death. It comes from the sand used in hourglasses, an ancient way of measuring time'.But the main reason why I changed the title is I believe memories cannot be stolen & with the help of this blog I can take snapshots of my feelings & possessions so that when today is gone, tomorrow I will have something to hold & cuddle with me.
    By the way which title do you like guys??

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    30 day challenge

    Today while blogging I found something interesting, 30-day challenge. I thought that would be fun & started taking it, so hope one day all of you too will take it up.
    But I promise myself(which means I promise you) not to reveal any of my pictures.
    *Stop feeling bad, I think i will post my wedding pics..So wait for it :) *
    A recent picture of you  you had taken and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
    I seriously don't know the meaning of interesting, coz everything around me seems so boring to me:(

     This is when I am preparing for my sem examz.I love my room this way:)
    1.I am a day-to-day struggler, trying so hard to please myself and people around me.
    2.I like to have ice-cream when it rains.
    3.I am not good at starting conversation, esp with strangers & so-far relatives.
    4.I cry while watching serials/pictures/reading novels where a heroine/hero dumps the other & later falls in love with other person, and realizes their previous love is an infatuation.
    5.I believe in ghosts/spirits & I will call some one in India if I had to step out of my room in the night.
    6.I like to watch sad songs & write dull poems all the time.
    7.I have had my heart-broken after watching 'Yaadein' & remembering he was married:P
    8.I had number of friends, but many let me down in difficult situations & never understood me.
    9.I am not 'beauty conscious', at least not to the extent people think I am.
    10.I was missed twice & so my mom never let me to step out of the house alone(excluding college, that too most of the time I had a friend with me).
    11.Many of my friends tell me, I behave 'childish'.
    12.One day I love to visit Venice,Mt.Abu & Lahore(I don't know why but I like the word 'Lahore').
    13.I always think I would have studied well if I am placed in Hogwarts.
    14.If I loose impression once, it's hard for me to mingle with them again.
    15.I love making fun of my sister, she reacts too fast & gets annoyed easily:)