Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day # 03 & Day # 04

Three thing which you like the most.

Hello I am Neeha.*shaking hands*.Glad to meet you.Now let me introduce myself, I am the girl who loves to eat golgappa's for the breakfast,lunch,snacks & dinner.Yes, I can survive on golgappas my entire life. But I am not that fortune coz my momma never lets me eat them. Still I sneakily used to have them at least four times a week.

This is my all time favorite combination :

2.Dancing :
I am surely one of the world's worst dancer, but still I love to dance or atleast love to watch performances. I regret for not learning dance in my childhood, never mind I encourage my girl(noo..indeed i will push her for dancing classes).
Hey don't forget to watch Isha Sharvani's performance, she is one of the reason why I love dance.


3.Shopping,Shopping & Shopping... :
I am shop-alcoholic.I love shopping esp when there are clearance,deals & sales.The only thing I hate to shop for is 'perfumes', I shopped once for the perfume with my sister. I felt suffocated, perfume+perfume+perfume+ coffee beans+perfume+perfume+perfume+beans+ P + P + P + P + B + P + P...
and you know the process went for around one hour. So then I decided not to shop for perfumes.I mean never with a company(that too who wants to present it to her boyfriend) in my lifetime.
Here are some of the things which I love shopping :)

Day # 04 :

A habit that you wish you didn't have:

Emmmmmmm, I am damn persistent & stubborn. In addition, I am good at giving explanation in such a way that makes the other person think about 'Zandu Balm'. Almost any person who is close to me pin-pointed this to me.
Explanation sucks, I can never predict what the other person is thinking about me. So I try convincing them until I am able to read a 'shut-up' symbol on the other person. You know it becomes difficult while it's a telephonic conversation, you know I can't read their minds I can read their faces only :P


  1. Hey, that was so sweet..Nice to know about you :)
    Keep on dancing,Keep on rocking :D

  2. Home-made ( read Mamma made ) golguppas are my fav too :D

    And your shopping list .... exhaustive :P

  3. That dance piece is lively.Enjoy dancing.

  4. I love GOl Gappas, only that they might upset my stomach if over eaten stops me after a while :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Dance part is good. I cannot dance but wish I could comment

  6. the food is my favourite tooo.. even though i have a bad stomach when i eat them yet when i go to india i got ot eat loads of themmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I use to dance was in bhangra team for college and all.. dont know now .. :)


  7. Ahh I'm also shopaholic :) Loved the pictures xo xo

  8. I so much love this song from kisna,loveliest song ever. :)