Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day # 05 ; Day # 06 ; Day # 07

Day # 05 :

A picture of somewhere you have been to

This pic is taken by me during our north trip.I would do anything to go back there & visit some must-see places which we missed do to our so called perfect schedule.The most worst part is we went to Agra  & missed Taj Mahal, we went to Dwaraka & missed Lord Krishna's temple.Believe me there isn't a person who didn't ROFL when we said about our trip.The best part is all of us are of same age, so we rocked ; music & dances all the time:).


That trip made me visit Delhi for the first time in my life.I couldn't forget how one girl , much younger than me bargained & how I used to pray to god that she should appear before billing the dresses. The weather Simla had was awfully cold & for a split second I thought it would be better to kill myself than spending one more night there.Idiosyncrasy. I always remember those days, that made me forget who I am.

Day # 06

Favorite Superhero and why??

I love fantasy movies. If I am asked a superhero I would mention 'Harry Potter'. All my childhood I spent waiting for the next sequel of Harry Potter. The things that makes Harry so special is not only his special gifts, but his scar, his value for his friends ,his skills and so on.I wish I had such a wand, so with swish all my problems would vanish away.

Day # 07

A picture of some thing that has biggest impact on you.

I don't know why but this picture had been on my desktop for ages.
Whenever I feel upset,I feel better looking at her.
This might be due to her innocent eyes & radiating smile.
How little does she know that fate has something else in her store.


  1. Loved the picture of Kullu.

  2. Harry Potter!! Favourite??!!! :O

  3. I loved the last picture wit hthe little girl and the birds wow..

    The happiness on her face and the Trust of the birds on her WOW


  4. Loved the last pic!It has such a positive feeling! :-)

  5. Went Agra and missed Taj.. ooo but than you can go back to Agra anytime you wish :) Nice read :)

  6. Loved the last picture. And next time when you visit any such places must visit the most popular one :) x

  7. Love the pic of Kullu-Manali and HP is my fav too!!

  8. Neeha,

    Enjoyed all pending posts and had a good laugh after getting over my surprise about what you missed when in Agra and Dwarka. Unbelievable.

    Take care

    PS : No visits?

  9. Hehee your trip was funny :D and the pic of kullu manali is quite good : ):) Nice