Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodbye's never felt so sweet.

From my childhood I love rainy season,I jus want to watch drizzling from windows.Don't know why but I am afraid to drench myself in rain.Today it's raining so hard,not so hard that it can kill some one..but after a long time it made me cry.I forgot about my pants & sat in the grass crying like a child.It's another common day in my life when million memories came flooded.Yes,memories is all I have now, with a tidal wave of sadness.I want to bring the day over and over.But somewhere I know Goodbye's never felt so sweet as they made me feel today.

Must Watch movie : Aarakshan


  1. i share the same feeling! I LOVE rains!
    And if it werent for the rains, the world would be a hell hole to live in!

  2. goodbyes are good .. beleive me .. give it time and one can see how good .. when one is near we dont see beyond .. but now we can

    Rains .. blisssssssss :)


  3. It is an awesome feeling to be playing in the rain without caring for the clothes getting drenched or any other worry, childhood was innocent and enjoyable indeed. Going back to it sometimes even after we grow up? Heaven :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. I also like rain. But I am not sure about Goodbye......it all depends.

  5. Rains always bring hidden memories for me. Its sad at times but mostly it is beautiful :)

  6. Aah i miss childhood and getting drenched in the rains!!

  7. In this country it hardly rains but I am not complaining

  8. Neeha,

    One should never suppress emotions as that causes more harm. Saying goodbye is a blessing at times as one should not continue to live in fear or with maltreatment.

    Take care

    PS : Caught up with all pending posts and also left comments on previous 3 posts or so.