Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why??!!Why me??

Warning : I don't mean to humiliate anyone, this post is purely intended for fun.If you are the one who are aiming to establish,define and defend equal political,social and economic rights to everyone irrespective of sexism and gender,please come back to read my next post.*No puns intended*

..This post is contradictory to my previous post(Naah!!previous posts).Many have been asking me why I write sad posts?Whats the reason behind it??...Noo I am not dumped by anyone, but you know I love sad stories(Idiot didn't you read my tags??Go and check it out you can know better about me..hurry:P).

..But due to some requests this time I decided to write a happy post..well the situation suits..Did I mention that  I got an assistantship??..Oh no I didn't....well, you can easily guess that my new job is keeping me busy. NOOOOOOOO!! I am not busy with my new job but I am busy with my other old(dy) job.Guess what my supervisor asked me to do??...."Hey can you do me a favor today?Can you please spotlight the dragshow??"......I wanted to scream Nahiiiiiiiiii as if hamari spotlight bahurani's and devrani's sceam : ) ........meanwhile......."and yeah did I mention you that the show lasts till 11:00Pm??.".....*awestruck*..

..Wowo....all had fun that night *excluding myself*..I was busy in answering the phones.Yeah my friends called me to make fun of the-so-called-great-Student Manager-position:( . Last but not the least, how could I forget to mention mama's reaction.

Mama : What that show??**Ughhhh!!*
Me      :Kuch nahi hoga mammaaa..
Mama : What if some one knows that you were in that show?
Me      :Kya hoga??
Mama  : Kya hoga??Tumhari shaadi nahi hoga..C'mon use sense, girls from reputed families like ours will never attend such functions.
Me      : Mama yeh koi function thodi hai,sab ko bhulane keliye aur sab attend karneki..its jus a show..and mama I didn't attend it.Mr.MC asked me to spot light it.It's my job mama.
Mama :Then ask him to do that.
Me      : Mamaa..he is my boss, I am not his boss:@
Mama  :Okay,leave it.But never do such things again.And don't tell that you saw that show to anyone.I mean anyone.Is that clear??
* Poor can she forget I am a chatter-box?? *

My third phone damanged this year,might be due to heat :( (Yeah!!I speak a lot).Why don't Nokia or Sony Ericsson develop cell coolers??


  1. Mother! Sooo cute. They really take small things in a brutal manner sometimes.
    Congratulations! Though i dnt knw u wud like it or not!

  2. Neeeha heehee :D After a long time I visited pardon me:) And yes the post is truly hilarious, apart from that try using Blackberry :)


  3. What kind of show? :P

    Well, next time, tell everyone, but not your Mamma, and avoid the melodrama. Simple.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Hahahaha funny post. And yeah, sometimes moms just imagine extreme situations.
    And I like your posts just the way they are! :)
    And yeah, what kind of show? :D
    Take care!

  5. mama is always right...but boss cannot be wrong you are in a bad situation i guess

  6. :) nice one .. all the best havea great time and ENJOY the showwwwwww ...


  7. It is really really funny. My cell phone never dies. I think your hands are too warm for phones.