Monday, August 29, 2011

Never Ending Story

I wonder what is life??
Living or letting others live?
Both are on extremities of circle,
That I loose balance when I try to take a step.

I wish someone would pierce me so hard
That I eventually forget my pain forever
I don't understand why pain & pleasure are antonyms
For I feel both are beside me coupling all the time.

I want to be like now or never
For last moments are always a pleasure
And never is an everlasting pain.
I want pain or pleasure, but both are extremely dangerous.

I am not afraid of anything
For I don't have anything to loose
Except my death,which is the final pleasure.
But for which you need to cross the road of pain.


  1. Hi Neeha,

    Nice poem , on the pain and pleasure front ..just like a coin having two sides ..we can't have both at one time. So in life pain and pleasures comes one after other and have great importance in life.

    for example if we fails in a test hurts us and its opp gives pleasure if its comes after hardship.

    So everything in life has got importance its we human who kind of being judgmental and try to remain one state ..n tries to ignore the reality.

    take care.
    keep smiling.

    P.S : How you been doing? hope all is well.

  2. I just loved the poem..It speaks my heart !!

  3. There were lines between the lines. Gives me food for thought.

  4. Nicely knitted words, combining pain and pleasure appropriately :)

  5. On one level...I think..Pain and Pleasure are not very different from one another...there can not be one without another :)


  6. Nice one...opposites and yet so very much interrelated aren't aren't...none leaves you and is always besides you !

    Liked the lines and the rhymes :)

    Take Care.

  7. Pain and pleasures might be the two extremes, but I think there might be another one, that is numbness.
    The third state that you describe in the last para.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. I like the line 'I want to be like now or never' the best. Very good overall.

  9. I love love love love LOOVE this poem so damn much!

  10. Lovely poem...worded beautifully!!

  11. True! You've described the amalgam of sorrow and pleasure very well :)

  12. This is beautiful blending of warring emotions constantly seeking to out do each other.

  13. grt feeling never have happy endings...bcos the last forever......from internet

  14. Neeha,

    There is pain in pleasure too. Very well composed. Hope it is just fiction.

    Take care