Saturday, October 30, 2010


I remember very well once my friend told me 'Secrets will be as secrets only if one person knows it,if others have the slightest will never be a secret'.I never understood the significance of that,but with some experiences I think I need to agree with her completely.
Its sooo true!!
Let me tell you what hurts the most is not that the secret is revealed,but to face the fact that the person you trusted a lot let you down. Some even don't apologize.Shittt!! I hate such creatures.

I know all these gossips,rumors & secrets looks more spicy than Page3 reviews,but still how can one do that??When one tells you something and gives the label 'TOP SECRET',then just shut your mouth.Okay?
Guys!!Let me tell you something, never let any person loose thrust in you.Life's too short and too complicated.Only few people enter into our lives,with true intentions so never ever loose them in your life.

P.S:I had a function in my house enjoyed a lot and still enjoying....You too have a great weekend buddies!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Finally the day is going to arrive when we are loosing our freedom.
Our first-year students are coming to college.
*Since I don't deal any first year subjects.I have my freedom.Thank God!!*

Before the Big Day....
.........Someone came and informed me that we have a dress code.All the Gents faculty have to be in suits and ties,the girls ladies faculty have to be in sarees by 8AM.To confirm the news,I went to meet Miss.V,here's our converstation.
Me:Hey is it true about that dress code?
V:  Yep,I need to come at 7:45.
Me:For what??I will not come.
V:  I have to come and wait near the Gate?
V:  I have to welcome parents & students.
Me:Are you kidding??
V  :Doesn't matter if you believe or not,but its true.
Me:Hey we are faculty..How could they ask us to do such things....But why you??
V  :They told that I always have a smile on my face.
It made to remember the words our HOD used to say 'Don't compare our college with others'
Yep,Ours is unique.No other college will dare to imitate.

As usual I am late for college,I am in college at 9AM,without dresscode.*I love breaking the rules*.The inauguration function started.Our Principal and Academic Planning Director of our college would surely compete for the 'Worst English Ever spoke' award,if it exists.If I am the judge I would surely be in dilemma.
Here are some of the sentences that caught my attention...

Mr.Principal: Damage the computers,no problem.But learn something,that's important.
 *Mr.P,Do we have any systems in our college that are'nt damaged*
Call me daily and ask your child's feedback.I only will reply to your calls.Plzz Don't neglect your child's career.
*Mr.P we know that you don't have any work except screaming.Why do you want to prove it to outsiders too?*
....Need not worry.....You have abundant books in your library....
*Do you know the meaning of abundant??????Last week I asked for READERS DIGEST..I am given 'DYNAMIC MEMORY SUCCESS IN EXAMS WITH BETTER MARKS-be a perfect student'.In addition to this our dumb librarian says 'Mam,both are English books only.So try this'.I felt like hitting on the head,for not providing the head.All the books in the library are in English only Idiot!!!*

Mr.Director: As  a matter of fact I didnt understand a bit what he spoke,even I am hooked to each and every word he spoke.But he used the following
After discussing it with my staff,we some how interpreted in the following way:
Even though this is new college,we give importance to it a lot....The same way we give to our old other colleges...Its equal to our son.
We left the in-laws in air..

Mr.Vice-pricipal: I am proud to say that Aeronautical Engineering(Did I mention that he is AE HOD as well as VP?) is gaining the significance day-by-day.And I believe all our students become great leaders and scientist like A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.
*I don't its a burning shame to Kalam.If he had heard the speach,he would have surely regretted for choosing Aeronautical Engineering.*

And later our S&H HOD came to introduce herself.She read some one and a half pages including number of workshops and presentations.*I don't know I have included those many details in my resume or not.*
I thought that if I stay in that hall for one more second,I may freak out.So left the room.

P.S:I pity the pathetic students,who helplessly listened to their false promises.May god bless them.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Morning Moods..

Ok,I am not a complainer, at least by nature. But I have to confess the fact that, now-a-days I have only a million thoughts in my mind and zillion problems surrounding me.So unable to sleep the last two nights.
*Don't look like that.*
Don't you believe its true??Here's the proof.Its 6AM and I am glued to my system,checking blogs and freaking out in between.
So for a break I tried Dairy Milk Silk,don't neglect the fact that I still didn't brush my teeth and as usual its Yum-Yum....Yummyyyyy......Yummylicious...
This is the first time I tried this without brushing,after all it's not a bad idea.You too can try it.I assure you, you will enjoyyyy.

Now I am thinking about the dairy milk ad. Shubh Aarambh in my mind.
Hope everything goes fine today and for the rest of the 30-working days(Do I need to scream I am gonna resign my job in nxt 30-working days??????Yes,It deserves it..),coz I guess I have given a Shubh Aarambh(But for what??Hmmm......I guess for every upcoming event).

P.S:Wish me I have to do the same in my college today...

Hope all of you have a great day!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everything is perfect outside..

I choose this topic now, coz I thought this is most pertinent in my present situation.In my college days, I love working, no matter whether its a great corporate job or an ordinary job,but now I hate working not coz I need to put my effort,but my first job experience had given me the worst experience and a lot to know about India and its corruption.

I always thought why there is such a hue and cry for each and everything in India??

But today I decided India deserves that,jus coz WE Indians are that dumb/shallow and whatnot..

Let me tell you why I decided to scribble something about this post.If you have seen my previous post you can understand that I am working as a Asst.Professor.So I love to give lectures (Not the subjects..yaar) about India and how we can  develop it.But today...I am helpless,I am tired of everything.

Here are somethings which I can't tell to anyone,coz everyone know them..But none does anything..
1. Longback there was an INSPECTION ,each and everything what they had showed in the records is a bullshit.We dont have proper lab facilities,proper teaching and non-teaching faculties,not even a canteen facility etc etc.But whats wrong with the Inspecting officers?? Cant they see the unplugged computers,malfunctioning labs,Improper facilities,darn infrastructure and most important lack of faculty(3 in IT department and they claim 12,WTF!!).I shut my mouth coz I had submitted my certificates and don't have the proof of my submission.I know I am a bum.

2.Our fucking college don't even spare the students,collecting money from students without proper reason,claiming the credit to lack of attendence and passing a circular 'if they don't pay,they will not be given hall ticket'.I don't think there will be a better reason than this to black-mail a student.I couldn't blame the students for shutting their mouths all the time,coz I had been in that shoe and I had done the same.

3.Ours is a minority college.We get a loaddssssss of funds from the government,but none will be reached to students,If students are so persistent then the fee-reimbursement might be reached after 2 years.I dont really understand one thing,why should minorities and backward castes should be given importance?They say all are equal before law,and use the terms minorities,backward and scheduled castes.If you are a student then you seat in a college should solely depend upon your marks certificate,not your caste certificate.This is the most important thing which should be changed,coz claiming an annual income of 40,000 per annum isn't a difficult task and and finally thet come in Maruti's to collect their scholarships(no puns intended guys..)

I hate myself for being a puppet and watching everything.
I hate my colleagues  who never complain about anything,even if its illegal.
I hate for not having any support,when I am speaking the truth.
I hate for the bribers and the routine work in India "grease one's palms".

I always thought that one day India will be developed.We dont have this corruption,irrigation problems,filthy drianage system,unhygenic loos any more....even today I retain the feeling..but somewhere amiss,the notion is lost.

They always say India is a developing country.I hope atleast I can say to my great-granddaughter that India is a developed country.

P.S:I will continue the rest after my resignation...And that's not so far.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We(Girls) Always Win..YoYooo