Monday, October 18, 2010

Morning Moods..

Ok,I am not a complainer, at least by nature. But I have to confess the fact that, now-a-days I have only a million thoughts in my mind and zillion problems surrounding me.So unable to sleep the last two nights.
*Don't look like that.*
Don't you believe its true??Here's the proof.Its 6AM and I am glued to my system,checking blogs and freaking out in between.
So for a break I tried Dairy Milk Silk,don't neglect the fact that I still didn't brush my teeth and as usual its Yum-Yum....Yummyyyyy......Yummylicious...
This is the first time I tried this without brushing,after all it's not a bad idea.You too can try it.I assure you, you will enjoyyyy.

Now I am thinking about the dairy milk ad. Shubh Aarambh in my mind.
Hope everything goes fine today and for the rest of the 30-working days(Do I need to scream I am gonna resign my job in nxt 30-working days??????Yes,It deserves it..),coz I guess I have given a Shubh Aarambh(But for what??Hmmm......I guess for every upcoming event).

P.S:Wish me I have to do the same in my college today...

Hope all of you have a great day!!!!!


  1. Ok try karungiiiii.

    wish u all the best.

    have a nice day.

  2. Not getting sleep ?? Try Ram Gopal Varma Ki aag , I bet u will sleep in 5 odd minutes :P .Sleep depriving nights are not strange for me .I believe i started my blog on one such night and now i don't have to go anywhere else to get the sleep , just browse through my blog and read some text ...done . Next thing you remember will be your mom yelling at you to get up :)
    Shubh Aarambh , so you decided to quit brushing ! Good , you can save a couple of minutes on your daily chores and utilize it for 'creative' thinking .

  3. @sneha:Yep give it a try...
    These will be some of the most precious and worth-while movements in our life.....
    But don't forget to do it before brushing your teeth:)

  4. @sree:Firstly my mom not only yells if I don't wake up.But also yells if I sit in front of system esp if its a working day.
    *I think I am good at exaggerating*
    creative thinking is a good idea,but if I don't brush none will sit side of me sureeee......
    coz bearing dis chatter-box without brushing..
    Its like the wildest dream come true:)

  5. NO NO ....i don't even want to guess it :P !!!!

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  7. @nithin:Thanks a lot..
    It appreciation matters a lot....