Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Attended a bride viewing..

Presently I am in Hyderabad for my cousin's bride-viewing.Let me tell you the count.From our girls side we are 14,from the other side they are 7.So don't you think that it would be better if we call this as groom-viewing??Ok,leave it aside.I have much more things to tell you.
As usual the starting phase is introduction.Next three batches were formed.One consisting of all gents,other ladies and last ours(Me,sister,cousin,he).
*Point to be noted,this viewing,questioning is a formality.Everyone knows this is gonna hit.Thanks to communication technology these days*
He:So now its your turn to rag me,you are not going to attend our marriage,right??
Me:Yes.But don't worry my sister will take care of that.
He:So which coll are you planning to go??
Me:*gave the reply*
He:Tell me about your cousin??
He:No I don't agree
Csn:Hello,you need to agree.
Me: *smiling*

----After 5min's-------

He:I expected you will ask some questions
Csn:Did you forget??You told me that you will ask the questions.
He:I will ask you when we are alone.
*What does dat mean??Asking us to leave??Don't forget I served you some snacks*
Csn: *giggling*

-----After ten minutes-------

He:Any of you ask me some questions?
Me:Do you read novels?
He:Not that interested.
Me:Do  you watch pic's?
He:Not frequently
He:Thinking that your sis and I are perfect?
Not exactly.I will never come to your house in the weekends.I will die to boredom.
Do you watch serials??Are you bala-krishna's fan?Do you have caste feeling??Do you have a face-buk and twitter account(Wanted to know whether he is technologically updated or not)?Do you have the habit of blogging??..........Shut-up Neeha.Don't irritate him.

--------After 15min's---------
(Is it sounding like Ekta's leap?)

Csn: Ask me something?
He:I will ask you when you are alone.
(This is the Second time)
Csn:Tell me some thing
Why on earth am I here???God have mercy on mee,plz
He:Silpa(sis) is feeling bored & neeha is sleeping one-side
Sitting in between these two is like my wildest nightmare come true,and he is telling I am sleeping.Lolll

---------After 10min's-----

Csn:You planned to ask something na??
He:I can't ask you in front of others.Need some space.
OMG!!This is the ultimate insult.Can't my cousin shut her mouth for sometime.I am blocked,so unable to move....ammee....Somehow bells rang in my sister's brain.She left the room and I simply followed her path.....yoyoo..

This is the conversation we had for nearly an hour.Oh my god!!!!!!
I decided never to enter in-between a pair.Why on earth did my dumb sister call us??
Sometimes I wonder what do they speak till late nights??When they don't speak anything other than this boring conversation.I bet my life I would have spoken much better to any unknown stranger.
*I remember what my bro-in-law frequently says,need privacy, right??Okay*
Need to agree love marriages are in some cases better than arranged.And I am sure this is one of the reasons,Need not waste your precious by simply staring & smiling at each other(without any reason).The worst thing is even I sat there smiling without understanding why they are giggling.

*This part is updated after referring to my friend's comments*
Finally they are gonna tie the knot on March 17th.And let me tell you guys,whenever my mom & aunt finds free time they start adoring him.
It takes hours to recall when my mom last praised me.Poor mom,when does she realize the glittering gem she has isn't a rhinestone but a diamond??But seriously my mom finds something postive in everyone,excluding myself..


  1. Kabab mein haadi...very irritating place to be , trust me...obviously they are good at communication from far away not face to face ;P...BTW, what was the result??

  2. Silence do speak.....Fall in love with someone ,sooner or later you gonna learn what it means :P
    YUkkk....I'm getting used to it, come december 27 , am out for such an adventure , hopefully i don't want any cousins like you out there :)

  3. have been at this place twice.... horrible experience myself... god saves from any future coming these typo event... ewwww!

  4. Lol :) .. . I actually felt like i was sitting right there and witnessing everything myself .. :P ..

  5. @Songsnwords:Obviously positive..
    This is just a formallity.Ya yesterday night they spoke for more than 30min's disturbing my sleep,and in the mng they shut their mouths..
    Isn't it interesting??I thought of pulling one of my sister's ear-plug while speaking..
    But you know I am a good didn't do dat:)

  6. Falling in love is difficuly yaar..
    Whatz up on Dec 27??
    I am your blogger friend,you need to tell me everything.So come on tell me your story...
    I cant wait to hear that...

  7. @Deepika:Have been twice.
    Great!!I will never take such risks again:)

  8. @ARVIND:Thrust me arvind.
    You will surely bang your head to the wall.
    Thank god,this idea didn't strike me yesterday else I used to do the same.
    aww!!The wall is side by me.How come it didn't strike to me??????????

  9. Neeha,

    LOL. Waiting to read when your time comes.

    Take care

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. @Jack:OMG!!Now itself I feel tensed..
    Jus kidding..
    You have to wait atleast two years,to see that post:)

  12. @Sree:Hey check the comment section in your typepad blog..
    Can I follow that or is it damn personal?

  13. You are welcome to follow it :) I told you know , it is not a nail biting one . Anyways I have completed it .

  14. neeha..i guess why were u sitting der dumb..! as said earlier kawaab mein haddi..!

  15. congrats on the tying of the knot .. you got a wedding to go too in a few months time hope you got all your dresses and weddign clothes ready by time he hehe Have fun

    but I am amzed this Bride viewing thing still happens out there :)

    Bikram's Thursday challenge

  16. @surya teja: You shud hav been der surya..seriously...
    *There used to be sum argument,I am sure*

  17. @Bikram:Congrats 4 me or should I convey d regards

  18. See i told you.. congrats on tying OF the knot..

    so you got new dresses to wear an a wedding to go to ..

    Not urs .. he heehehe

    and yes please please entend my regards .. god bless the couple :)


  19. Oops!!Sorry,didnt check it properly(As usual)
    I will surely convey the regards..
    By the way,I am not gonna attend the wedding...By the time it takes place,ill be in abroad........So no new wedding dress for d wedding..

  20. Very interesting! That they were both smiling and giggling and wanting you to leave them alone - says a lot.

  21. You will relate to and enjoy reading Silverine's posts on Bride and Groom viewing...

  22. lol
    loved ur experince :D

    btw nice blog u have :)

  23. @IHM:I know they need privacy..But the thing is if they are alone,that doesn't look good infront of relatives.So my sis asked us to sit there..
    Precisely,that's the only reason why I shut my mouth & sat there,staring at the computer on the opposite side:)

  24. @An Ordinary Gal :Thanks for dropping by..
    Glad you liked my blog:)

  25. abroad where you heading to ... if you coming to UK let me know , I am in uk :)


  26. Yep,I knew it..Yest itself I checked your profile..Mentioned it in mail na..
    But I am moving to US..
    Hope one day I will come to UK:)

  27. If it is just a 'naam ke vaaste' bride viewing means, it is fun. Otherwise it is not fun, I feel, Neeha!

    Enjoy the wedding and best of luck for the couple!

  28. Hey it's jus for formality..Nothng that bothers much...