Friday, November 12, 2010

You won yet you lost by Betraying....

'Ho sakhe toh mujhe maaf karoo' aarrgghhhhhhh!!I hate those wordss....
I wonder why do people always do this,no matter whether its a boy or girl.
Why do people say they love someone and make false promises,if they dont have the capability to keep the word.No matter whatever the lame excuse is,it would definitely leave the partner with a broken heart.
If you do have a problem with ur partner tell it the movement,the problem started.Why do u let the problem to bulge out.
If you don't love your partner at least respect them,with the due respect tell them the fact that you don't wanna be around them any longer..Instead why do u still continue to behave the same when she/he is around(ofc, im sure der will b slight difference in ur behaviour,attitude)and fool them by moving with others,when ur partner still blindly believes you are busy with work or jus got struck with some tight schedule so you couldn't show up..n still believes that u r truely,deeply n madly in love with them as they are with you..

And Im sure every person who is cheating will surely mention some reason.Even some might be soo hard to believe like 'she doesn't love me any more' or 'We thought its love but its jus infatuation' and all that crap.
But why dont you think these before you start a relation??
No matter what the reason is you cant justify them..
I am sure,If I have some supernatural power,I wil let them weep their entire lif..coz I strongly believe its worse to break a heart than to kill a person..

The simple solution is talk to your partner and solve the problem the movement it raises,Its not a big can share your problem with ur once-upon-a-time soul mate..After all in the past its she with whom u shared everything..At least give her a chance to decide her life..Atleast do it jus as a human-being.

"Think a million times before proposing or accepting a proposal,its not a mistake.But don't let the thought creep into your brain after committed,its a mortal sin"

P.S:I Got a forwarded msg which is so aptly true for all such cases..Heres the msg:
"You hurted me more than I deserved,its coz I loved you more than you deserved'

P.P.S:The dialogue in the first line is from the serial 'karam apna apna'.
So readers plz don't misinterpret it as incident from my life.


  1. that.s our human frailty....we want the best of both worlds, hypocritical and selfish....some more heartless than others....

  2. As I have always said :
    "I prefer being confronted with truth than being comforted by lies."

    And the forwarded message is simply profound.

  3. @Songsnwords:Yes its soo true that sometimes selfishness in some people ruins others life,in the way one can never expect..

  4. @xyzandme:Thanks for your comments.Even I love the fwd'd msg,it's so simple but soo true..

  5. its truth... a bitter one here...
    we humans intend to ignore problem until it becomes huge..

    all of a sudden we leave it and just run away
    thats the human tendency... we get scared than trying to solve the problem...

  6. hey! i guess i don't agree with u completely on this, a times some relations aren't meant to be. there is something called destiny which comes in between whatever v plan.
    the forwarded msg was absolutely correct. loved ur writing style too.
    keep blogging :)

  7. @Deepika:Ya it's better to solve the problem the movement it started by giving the explanation..Than waiting till the tread is gonna be loose by itself..

  8. @sarah:What you said might be true,but the inspiration for my post is my friends story who is a blogger too and many others whom I have seen.
    They start without any reason and end without any reason.Which leaves the partner in traumatic condition.
    I am glad you liked my writing style.
    Hope to see you soon..

  9. I agree. I always believe in talking things out. Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Awesome and powerful words. I completely agree with you.

  11. @Cinderella : :)

    @A:Thnkz 4 ur comment & follow-up..

  12. Neeha,

    Got your link from your comment. Read all current posts. One wishing your sister was so touching, speciall AO on SISTER. One should never betray his or her partner by keeping truth in dark.

    Take care

  13. Wow.. thats so true.. but i guess we are weak at heart and sometimes feel that things will change , they might change etc etc

    but yeah totally agree with you that one shud not cheat .. you loose a lot more then just a person when caught cheating

    I completely agree with you it is fair to say that a relation is off , instead of cheating on the way BUt then these days i have seen Most relations STart with a CHEAT :)

    nice article thoughtfull


  14. @Jack: Thnkz 4 dropping by.
    Your comments value a lot.
    Take care too..

  15. @Bikram : Yep you loose a lot when you are cheated.I have seen people when betrayed lost the initial innocence and becam so stone hearted..
    Am I sounding like a philosophical moron??

  16. No you are not sound anything like that what you say is SO TRUE ... :)


  17. *smiling,I know I always speak truth only*
    *Shh!!Be modest*


  18. so true... so true ....
    Propose only if u can remain committed for life ...
    and some said about destiny.. i think we should never talk about something that is not in our help.. lets be honest and sincere from our side.. destiny will always follow you..

  19. Need to agree with you,completely

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