Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why me??

I am devastated.Completely. Yes, I am stuck in between ASSHOLES who never knows how to enjoy their life.They can lead a luxurious life, but all they do is interrupt me or irritate me.Why on Earth I need to bother about them & answer them??I don't want my pride to come down, of course I don't have much left & my dignity tank is absolutely empty.

I learned to survive.Yeah!!True man!!I got a job.Not worthy mentioning after such a big wait....But yeah I got it,right??I am a student manager in our University Center.I am not a biggy.Yet I make some bucks every month.I cook,I laundry,I clean,I study(probably 2 hours in 3 days :(  ) and I do my shopping too :D . I have a lot of things to do, but you know I am free all the time.Jus for a change I thought of vacuuming my entire apartment.Yeah I had done it & guess what happened??My roomie came and started doing it again.I asked why??She said all the lines are not G-R-I-D, she like them that way.Do you believe guys??I was awestruck.Unfortunately all my roomies are suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.May god bless their prospective life partners.

Yeah!!Here is my short conversation with my dearest friend:)
Me : Hey I am asking my parents to send a cheque of X060$, that will be enough na?
He : Nope, ask for X100$
Me : But why?My  fees is X061.66$ and it included insurance too.
He : I jus rounded it.
Me : I already done that X061.66 to X060,do you see that?
He : But 100 at the ending sounds perfect.
Me : I am not sure whether I am gonna get back that 40$ or not.
He : Still X100 makes a perfect number.
Me : Think about it, 40$ that means 1600Rupess(I always have this $-Rupee converter active in my mind:P).Do you think that makes sense?/
He : But Numerically we always round the number in the best possible way.Noting makes sense more than this:)
Me : Okay. *Mr.Junior Monk*

Thank God.Finally he agreed with me.Wow such a good, funny and great friend.I am sure he will be reading this.So waiting for the reaction:)

P.S: Watched ZNMD. Guess it didn't reach my expectations :(


  1. Cute conversation.

    Yeah ZNMB pretty much sucked!

  2. :) numerically round up he heh e i liked the conversation ...


  3. Liked the conversation...congrats for the job. :) And sad that u dint like ZNMD.

  4. Nice post , Congrats for the job :).

    Hmm ZNMD , do disappoints in the second half gets a bit slower and it might be given a better treatment by the director in the second half.

    p.S : how you been ..all is well , going on na ..

  5. He's right. Or rather,was until I read that you might not get the $40 back, he became wrong. X060 is good rounding off.
    Rest 40 could be pocket money perhaps. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. ZNMD isnt good.... :|

    n yea..conversation is nice.. :P

  7. Watch a film with no expectations, then you may like it somewhat. Same funda applies to life also

  8. even I have that imaginary calculator working from kgs to pounds and dollars to rupees :)
    take care
    Don't worry about assholes, make your mark and leave them behind.

  9. Hahaha... Liked the conversation :)

    Watched ZNMD. I though liked it. Most of it atleast :)

    First Timer here..


  10. hahahaha that's funny :P Neeha I changed my blog url. You can RSS to posts at new url;

  11. Neeha,

    You have some real good friends. Hope their qualities do not get rubbed on you. LOL. It is normal to round off to next 5 or 10 but a jump of 40, well he may be thinking big in 100s and may like to round off 101 to 200.

    Take care