Monday, April 18, 2011


I don't know what attracts teenagers (you can count me too:P) & children when they hear the words Vampires,witches & wizards . They are irresistible.All of us grew up with the name Harry Potter & I spent days blaming J.K.Rowling for portraying Snape as nightmare for Harry ; when finally that's over it's twilight turn , the chemistry Bella & Edward shared was amazing.

Now my new addiction is 'THE VAMPIRE DIARIES' . I love Damon Salvatore (the right one ) , a malevolent vampire, yet the one who had incredible love for  Katherine Pierce & was obsessed by her for 145 years ; even after knowing that she's a bitch , he still wants to share eternity with her.

She is looking like an angel.Girls time to be jealous :P

I love Vampire-mystic-romantic-fantasy stories..What about you ??

Here are some of my favorite pics : 

Damon & Katherina


Katherina & Stephen

I even like the way the title card :)

Did you observe the caption 'love sucks'..Hehe don't know why , I love their love story as well as the caption:)

P.S : Wasted my weekend watching the series from the beginning , but sort-of enjoyed it too:P


  1. Hi Neeha, I love fantasy stories too, esp vampire tales. I watched all the three twilight movie series and loved them all. But Harry Potter is something I did not like - not sure why.

  2. i didnt see any of these movies.. i simply cant digest

  3. Vampire tales are nice,

    But now a days lots being made ..but most of them have lots of similarity kind of boring at times to watch ..
    Though I like some of the vampire series...
    rest depends on mood too :)

    Good you enjoyed it :)

    Take care.

  4. wow :) i need to watch vampire diaries....i have loved twilight...though i never attempted reading harry potter..... but vampire series are fun :)

    Scribbling Gal

  5. I preferred Twilight to Vampire diaries both as books and on screen...though i haven't read or seen more the first 2 boring, Harry Potter and LOTR are fab, the books more than the movie but the movies make their world stand out. BTW An Award for you for being one of my first followers click here

  6. I hate Harry.. I hate edward the shinin vampire and his emotionless bitch and the chihuahua Jacob.... And i Hate vampire diaries :p

    now you can hate me ! Heh.

  7. hey me too a vampire diaries addict ;)
    m a stefan salvatore fan!!
    every episode ends with a twist in the tale...nd now m really eager for the next one!!
    wanna noe vots goin thru Elena's crazy mind....resurrecting elaijah!!!...dats gonna be thrilling!! ;)

  8. I am a Harry Potter fan, but not really fond of the whole Vampire series.

  9. I am not a Harry Potter fan but I guess I will be watching Vampire diaries soon :)

  10. there's something about these fantasy stuff on screen..they take u to another land, neverland !!

  11. I never liked vampire stories but I am not a teenager...but I never liked vampire. I think it is the current generation of teens...not my generation..we were and still are nicer

  12. I haven't watched it yet. May be watching it soon.

  13. Hi Neeha,

    Actaully I messed up my blog i.e I took backup of the blog and deleted the posts and comments completely now issue is that I'm unable to post correct post like If I'm trying to post Thank-you
    the url is gettig Thank-you-9677.html and all other post are also this way broken links kind off so was testing what can be done.


  14. Well I never saw Harry potter series until the release of deathly hallows....After watching that movie i fell in love with Ema Watson....

    Love the chemistry between Harry and Hermione.. Pattinson and Kriston...

    Vampire diaries- No idea about it....

  15. Hi I have an award for you in my blog. Congrats!!

  16. I won't mind having them around if they could spare me and my blood. :P They are actually cool, umm no, they are cold. :)

    Vampire diaries is good.

    Blasphemous Aesthete