Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No more Social Networking:(

I am generally a tech-savvy(or I like to think it that way)  & always addicted to FB,Orkut & Twitter.I love my orkut account , but trend shifted to FB and that's what made me to create a Face Book account  I am never attached to it , the way I am attached to my blog/Orkut. Yet these social-networking sites help me a lot when I feel lonely(That's what I feel most of the time).But I don't know why I deleted my Orkut , Twitter & de-activated my FB account last week.
How does this sound ?? *wierddd??*

Hey by the way do you have the habit of writing a diary??
One of the happy movements of my day are when I write the words
'Dear Diary,'.
P.S : My life is terrible right now.No part-time job.Projects sucking.Screwed up the exam.Shit life!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Neha
    Every day is different.Take it easy.You don't know tomorrow until you turn the page.
    Have brighter days ahead.

  2. It doesn't at all sound weird. Networking sometimes consume a lot of time and its sometime makes sense to take a break. There is always a chance to come back when you feel good about it.:)

  3. hey neeha..
    i hav the habit of writin diary... :) n yes i feel so good when after writin diary... :)

    i too kinda hate facebookin... :|

  4. hmmmmmmm i think u little bit unhappy with busy scheduled ! take a rest ...visit my blog http://yomantra.blogspot.com i hope u got something new over there!!

    Jai Ho Mangalmay Ho

  5. oooops well calm down.. everything works out in the end.

    Writing a diary yes I do , been doing it since when i was in 6th class and till today got each day's whereabouts :)

    I do have accounts on FB and twitter but I hardly am on that FB is jsut to keep in touch with everyone, all i do is put my latest articles Link on there , and Twitter was only when World cup was on ...

    You take care and chilllax ... take a day off and then come back to the project :) all the best


  6. Seems like u r having a hard time...hope this phase passes away soon!!

  7. Deleting accounts......weired. Activate FB again. Do not delete Blogger account....I am glad you did not.

    Life is not too good for me either..it is really bad right now....

  8. Hi Neeha,

    Just relax , its normal to happen sometime we goes too much into something and its impact make us do something of the similar kind.

    you have observed over mine too , I too trying to experiment done by my own experiment , but Good news all is recovered and now ok.

    So just be cool ..and don't think too much as when we think too much we put-on some unwanted tension which we shouldn't.

    So enjoy and keep doing good work.

    Take care

  9. neeha,

    Exactly the same way I am feeling right now..project really sucks and I did screwed up my finals
    Anyways,be patient,happiness is just around the corner of your lips....so keep smiling

  10. Neeha, dont lose hope. stay positive. things will work out when you beieve they will. Just a matter of time. You will be fine.

    Wishes and prayers
    Always Happy

  11. I deleted my fb last week but restarted it again. I liked the "Dear diary". You are not alone in feeling lonely. But u know. Its just temporary feeling. one cant be alone always.


  12. Yes, I did that too, writing a diary - and it had been my companion for very long. But then suddenly I dont know what came over me, I TORE away every single page of my diary when I was in college. Into a million bits n pieces. - Probably the same way you deleted your accounts. So I can identify with the feeling. Today, I have a diary for songs and two for dreams. :)
    You need to listen to this song - http://punamjr.blogspot.com/2011/04/movie-anjaana-anjaani-singers-rahat.html

  13. Well i can relate. Been there done that. Thid feeling really sucks...
    And yes writing diary makes me happy too.. Atleast frustration is out some way... Do that. It would really help.
    And don't worry... Life is a mess by default. :)

  14. koi naa...there are times when you feel life sucks....everyday cannot be same....hope you're fine now :)

  15. Hey Neeha common chill... its good, there's life out of social networking too :) :) But blogger dont do that please...we all here want you to write, something, like a diary... :) :)


  16. Ah! Neeha its all alright...social networking can be a pain at times people stalking you and all ;)
    and Diary...oh yes yes I love it...but these days I'm so down and tensed that I hardly have a few entries in my name...gosh I'm sure my sweet diary missing me :)

    Happens re and I know this sick feelings..All will be Well soon :) Cheer up !

    Take Care.

  17. :( My life is upside down too!
    P.S. Exams are almost over. Good to see your blog after a long time!