Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I knew today means nothing to you
But it means a lot to me

This is the day that filled my hopes
And rejoiced my joy

I felt secure & comfortable in your arms
I believed you will never hurt me

One fine day,you left me forever
It doesn't hurt me anymore

It just killed my soul & I lost my innocence
Still, I don't regret

I laugh when I see the
Innocent reflection in the mirror

I wait for the rains
To cleanse my maimed soul

Now I realize life's too short or too long
To think about the past

And hope one day the glamour of love
Will be eroded with 'SANDS OF TIME'


  1. nice poem.... hope its a fiction... :)

  2. @Anoop : Fortunately,that's jus a fiction.

    @Ria : :)

  3. Very touching post..
    Beautifully Composed :)

    Keep writing dear :)

  4. HEAR HEAR... well fiction for some TRUTH for others .. Sums up something .. true life is short to think of past.. may they rot in hell :)

    new day new beginning for me hopefully NOT FOR THEM :)

    do i sound cruel.. but then thats what i have become i guess thanks to someone GREAT he heheeh

    beautiful poem .. Can I keep of copy of this if you dont mind .. do let me know


  5. Such a convincing fiction. Nicely weaved:)

  6. @Simran: Thank You..

    @Ph : :)

    @Bikram : New day ,new beginning..Optimistic..
    Guess I have so much to learn from you..
    You don't sound cruel,I bet it..
    I am pleased you liked the poem.You have the copy rights for this one!!
    Take Care:)

  7. @cyclopseven : Thank You..

    @A : I am pleased with the word 'very' in your comment:)

  8. True, time and experience are the best teachers and time in addition is the best healer.
    Nice one.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. though its a fiction but there is a feel of reality into it for some....
    very well penned.

  10. Ah i hate those days which mean so much to you but dont mean anything to anyone else. Sigh.

  11. life is too short or too long.....awesome! and so heartfelt.

  12. Glad that its a fiction - but even feeling what you have written is a wonderful experience - it makes you sensitive - teaches one how sad one can be and then even the smallest speck of joy that you normally would have ignored will feel immense

  13. Nice poem Neeha... very touching... hope it's not a real situation for you. btw, love can never lose its sheen.... never lose hope.


  14. @BA : Its true!!Experience states that.

    @Irfan : Glad I made it sound that way:)

    @Raaji: Hey its jus fictional part,so no worries.

  15. @Pratibha:Thankz for the visit.Hope to see you frequently.

    @Ceedy : :)

    @Preetilatha : Thank You:)

    @Restless : Hope so.
    By the way..It's nt real:)

  16. Lifes indeed not so short or so long to think about past...aptly said!
    Live life in its each moment....not impossible but difficult...
    your words shows feelings of hurt too!

  17. Neeha, it is a nice work. We all feel it happens to every one, when hurt in love or in hate. But in fact, the intensity in which we feel hurt happens only to us. Because we are unique...

  18. Beautiful... you have passion for words...

  19.'s a beautiful post.
    Transparent yet deep in its formation.

  20. words beautifully crafted..powerful and straight!! loved it gurl!!

    New in here and wud love your comments on my blog and if gud enuff then make me happy by following up. u have earned a follower btw :)

  21. Beautiful .. very touching. It is also a reality for many women in this world.