Friday, March 25, 2011

Invisible Mask!!!

I love myself for having so many nostalgic movements including the ones that left me bitter , this makes me realize I am just an ordinary soul full of emotions.I always thought myself as an human being with mask all the time so people around me can never try to decipher who I am.

But I never predicted people around me are also in the mask that prevented me from diagonalizing who they are.Their lives are filled with emotions & sickness that's making them collapse & prevent them from moving towards the future.

Today I gave a call to 'G',whom I have known from childhood.By the end of the call I realized all of us living in the world or much better trying to live in the world that's completely invisible to our human eye.I never thought of 'G' as a person who had emotions behind his witticism.Relations are so complex & we can never loose the charm of  'first-love',doesn't matter how hard we try.The words still echoes in my ears 'Somehow bring me out of this!!!!!'.

One thing that's positive about relations is they bring out the actual 'you' within yourself,the one you never imagined,the one you never thought,the one you never predicted and the one who you never are.There are some positive things about nostalgia , this tells us how precious other humans are & how unique you are from others.

I lost two of my close friends in the name of 'Love',one who left the world & the other whose just no more than zombie.The movement I lost them,I lost myself & the 'belief' I had in relationships.From the day I  never thought of any relationship other than family.When I meant family , I mean purely blood-relation.But today after speaking with 'G' I felt like there are so many unsaid & truly felt emotions behind every mask.

It's been years since I trusted in any men.I am avoiding them as much as possible,I couldn't imagine myself in Tanu's position.But guess I am wrong.I need to give a try.I need to enjoy each & every relation that humans are destined.

I am an ordinary soul who is always busy running from relations.....I am afraid I might be hurt....But today guess I am a bit changed.....I will start enjoying the life the way I deserve......I am proud of myself......I am one lucky girl to have things around me happening the way they should.....

P.S : It's spring-break from today!!!!!!!Hip-hip-hurray!!!
Lots of Love buddies.....


  1. dont be so hard on yourself girl...
    well expressed!

  2. enjoy ur break...and yes every relationship teaches us something....we must learn and move ahead in life.

  3. Awww....
    Live your life...It always turns the way you wnat if you just beleive...

    hugs..god bless ya...

  4. hmm....i too was like u..jus one thing made me enjay i fell in love..nd i m enjoying my lyf since then....

  5. hey... not all relations are hardships.. :) thr r good ppl too.... jus tat u need to b lucky to find him/her... :)

    but as u said, prevention is better than cure.. y take risk... :)

    enjoy... :)

  6. I can so very well relate to this, probably each one among us.

    Fear of relations, fear of getting hurt, to come out of it, its difficult, But This is what life is all about.

    I loved the way you have penned it if Reading my own life :)

  7. Relationships are doubt. Love is further complex. Did you ever read my story My First you are on Spring can read...

  8. Life is full of relationships , main thing is that how we handle them.Sometimes it gives pain but it doesn't mean that we stop making relations and keep ourself aloof from others.

    Nice read :)
    Keep Smiling..

  9. Sometimes, we tend to put on a mask through which even we don't care to look too often, and then start believing in what we don't really have faith in.
    Someday, there will be at least one man, whom you'll trust.

    Cheers and enjoy the break

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. very well written....even I am afraid of relationships but i love confronting my fears..cheers.

  11. Sometimes its good to put on a mask to maintain harmony and avoiding heart burns.

    Enjoy your vacation.:)

  12. Set yourself free... throw the mask away.. do what ur heart wishes and then u will see, and realize, that if u don't take a risk, you won't see love either. And its worth taking a risk, coz u know, then.. u will look back and tell urself, atleast I tried. :)

    Every strife in love makes u THAT much more stronger and you will evolve into a tougher person. If u don't try, u may be successful in protecting urself from hurt, but u will also be closing urself to true love.

  13. ///there are some positive things about nostalgia , this tells us how precious other humans are & how unique you are from others.///

    very true!! :)

    i hope your decisions make u happy---in the end, thats all that matters

  14. The veils people put sometimes as a sabotage and sometimes, which is quite rare, as a shield against all the treachery since rest there is no other option.
    Just keep waiting for the right person to trust and you'll never have to worry for all those masked ones, ever again.
    Very well written :)

  15. Sometimes it nice to remove the mask and live the way we aught to. pain is a part of life..good to know you are taking new steps..

  16. i guess most bloggers are trying to avoid relationships...

  17. i think, there are ways to be in relationship with others that is positive and uplifting to yourself and to the other, even if the relationship doesn't last forever......

  18. WEll thats what it is .. as you said no one can forget there first love .. or people who had such a infulence on you or made such a mark..

    sometimes out of our own shortcomings we spoil a relation.. Pity we realise about it much later in life when the damage has been done.

    As such these days relationships have a shelf life all the times , lucky are the people who can keep it for long .. I have been lucky in a few and unlucky in a few

    thats what is called LIFE.

    But dont you worry.. remove that mask and jsut be urself people who love you and like you will always do mask or no mask ... Take care girl and all the best :)


  19. I think if there was love it would be there always no matter first or the last one..You can never forget the person u fell in love with. Something will happen or something u will see that will remind you of them...

    every1 needs to be happy...if love makes you happy then who's stopping you girl...Go get you prince :D

    Take care

  20. Neeha,

    Human mind is very complex. We think of something positive and suddenly we move onto negative. Each of us has something or the other we wish had not happened as it hurts. Best is to keep fond memories and erase those which are painful. One needs to move on. Learn from past mistakes but live today as it comes so future will take care of itself. I agree once bitten twice shy but one should not make a blanket statement that no more relationships because one failed. Judge the person with proper application of mind and remember no one is perfect before you select someone to love again. Best of luck.

    Take care

  21. Yes love and relationships teach a everyone