Sunday, December 25, 2011

Me, Indians, 24 and blah blah..

If some one asks me about India, I get too excited to tell about how different cultures, traditions differ from place to place, but how all of us posses a commonality.On the other day, Demetar and I were having a chat and he asked me about our educational system, I said that we have some of the best colleges that are recognized world-wide like ISB,IIMs and IITs, getting an admission in those colleges wouldn't be less difficult than getting admission in Wisc. He said that he was glad he didn't come from a place, that had this level of competition.

After a week, I had Design Of Analysis and Algorithms exam, the toughest course in our college.Doing the assignment given by the professor takes a minimum of three complete days, yet I am not sure I will be able to implement my logic as a formulae and develop an algorithm. But most of the Indians get around 80-90, come on every other member(I mean exclude the Indians) knew that we are copying it from the solutions given in the previous semesters. To some extent this was fine even if a person who figures out the answer using his brain gets 50 marks and we get 80 marks. But what if I say that most of the students used Smart phones to copy in the exam by downloading the material and sending messages(True or False) to others.Shameless. Remember something, if you do some illegal thing when you are abroad , you not only represent yourself but also your country.

Yes, I felt so embarrassed when the Professor, asked "how the hell did all of you write the algorithm if you can't solve the problem, I exactly gave you the home work problem except I changed the numbers.".And, there comes the comments , "Budde numbers badal diye is kevaste hum lik nay paye"," We are smart, we used smart phones ", "Hey shorty, give us the papers else we will leave ".

How disgusting , he is highly talented professor who had designed algorithms by himself and we smart Indians who are good at copying call him "shorty","budde". Initially, I felt that the professor is showing slight racism by  treating Indians like we don't know anything, yeah it's true we don't know anything except copying and we are the ones due to which the word 'Plagiarism ' became so populuar in US.

I felt so bad that I lied to Demetar, yeah I shouldn't have boasted about Indians. After knowing that being an undergrad student, he can do far better than most of the final sem grad students.

Finally done with it!!!!!!!!
Come on, don't even let the thought of  'exams' creep in your mind, I am least bothered about studies for the past  few weeks. Yeah, I can't believe how desperate I was to watch all the series.Seriously , I had done "string reversal" problem for around 10 hours while watching the series and you know what, I kept trying to debug the problem while I made a basic mistake, which I didn't realize until I am done with season 6. Oh come on, now don't keep an awkward expression on your face, I knew 'string reversal', but I was so engrossed in the serial, which was finally reflected in my results:(

P.S :  If you wish to say some thing regarding what I wrote about Indians, please don't waste your time. I am an Indian, I feel so bad writing that way. But this is what's going happening around:(


  1. It's nice to see you around. I agree Algorithm Analysis is the toughest course in undergrad :S Hope you are enjoying holidays :) xx
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  2. Awww *hugs*
    Happens happens..somethings good about something bad...but then Indians do have the brain only if they are less lazy....dont feel bad :)

    btw its SG ;-)

  3. Neeha,

    I agree with you. One should never copy just to get higher marks or pass. This not only reflects on us but also does not stand good steed later in life. Best of luck for your honest studies.

    Take care

  4. gud , u felt guilt after copying...
    basically Indians as I understand are really smart, we can achieve things in any environment,no matter wat!
    We are achievers.Being smart we love shortcuts.

    If we start thinking in a broader aspect, we can change.

  5. Yes we Indians never change, somethings in us will remain same

  6. @manz : Shut up manz, you know my phone.So if you hav little sense(ofc which you don't have) you would know that copying is not possible with my 100 years old phone.